Dev: Oh yes!

[in response to my earlier “do you also have a dungeon”]

Dev: Boet has won the $$$$

Dev: So I am thinking taking a Lady Luck with moi


Dev: My turn

Dev: smile emoticon

~ Dev is on-line~

Dev: Thank you for tonight!

Harmony:  Sorry, phone died mid-message earlier. It’s a pleasure, glad you guys had a successful evening. Lady luck is back in da house smile emoticon

Dev: You looking yummy too

Harmony: Hahaha … Like a fine wine … Thanks Dev smile emoticon

Dev: Plesh

Dev: Ok enough of my flirting with you

Dev: smile emoticon

Harmony: had to go outside and see if it was a full moon

[another private joke – when we first reconnected on Facebook prior to dating, we’d co-incidentally spend every full moon flirting up a major storm – this practice went on for about a year before we actually hooked up]

Dev: No ways!?

Harmony: Too cloudy to see

Dev: If it is hear out for the tapping on your bedroom window

Harmony: Hahahahahahahahaha!

Dev: I reckon that it is

Dev: smile emoticon

Dev: Wipe the grin off your face

Dev: smile emoticon

Harmony: Hahaha

~ Harmony falls asleep again ~