Dev: Failed epically at The Casino

Harmony: Oh damn, lady luck not on your side?

Dev: She left the building

Harmony: Eish, hope she returns!

Dev: In more ways than one!

[hmmm, what does that mean?]

Harmony: Maybe she’s scared of lightning?

[we were experiencing a massive thunderstorm at the time]

Dev: Well if she appeared at all … I coulda prevented that

Dev: Alas

Harmony: Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening

[private joke – Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was one of our songs]

Dev: Touche’ Harmz!

Harmony: Find a fat fella and ask to rub his tummy – supposedly lucky to rub a Buddha

Dev: Now where would I find one of them hmmm?

[He knows full well I have a house full of ’em]

Harmony: Well I know the location of many a buddha, but the fat belly fellas … My dungeons are empty!

Dev: Gotta rely on Lady Luck to appear I suppose

Harmony: I’m sure you have more luck with the ladies than the men anyway

Dev: He he he too much effort

~ Harmony falls asleep on the couch of her friends ~

~ An hour later ~

Dev: Obviously Harmzy Warmzy hasn’t forgotten about the Dev bros. eh?

~ Snore ~

~ 30 minutes later ~

Dev: Pls no rush….you gotta flaunt that sexiness tonight y’know

~ another 30 minutes later, Harmony finally wakes up ~

Harmony: Haven’t forgotten about The Bros! I’ve worn myself out with all this flaunting, so we’re getting ready to head back to The Hood.

Dev: Coolio Harmz

Harmony: I’ll let you know when we’re there for pick up

Dev: Saweet

Dev: But you do know that we kidnapping you?

Harmony: Hahaha, what, you also got dungeons?

Harmony: All jokes aside, I’m buggered, no way I’m going anywhere tonight.

~ Harmony’s BB2 battery dies ~

Oh shitfuckbugger my last message didn’t go through!!! We’re going to fetch Dev and his brother and they think I’m going out with them; or even worse, home with them! Argh!!!

We arrived at the pub the boys found themselves at, and Star phoned Dev to inform him we were waiting outside. It didn’t take long for them to come stumbling out the swinging doors and plonking themselves down in the backseat of the Feisty Fiesta, in rather festive moods.

“So Harmz, where are we going now?”

Star repeated the raised eyebrow in my direction.

“Boet won big so we’re going out to celebrate!”

“Sorry guys, I’m really buggered”


“Come on, it’s on us.”

“Seriously, I’ve been up since the crack of dawn with Angel and her scouting activities, I need to sleep.”


We dropped the boys off at Dev’s place, and Star and I finally headed home. On my arrival, I plugged BB2 into the charger, stripped off my clothes, and slid beneath the duvet. As my eyes closed with slumber beckoning, several Facebook notifications summonsed me back to life.

Dev’s messages from after my battery died were coming to life, and whilst reading them, he appeared online …

… to be continued

~ ♥ ~