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I have not one,
not two,
not even three;
but four exes come

out of the woodwork

and all attempting
to worm their way
back into my life
but I’m not tempted

or am I?

~ ♥ ~


Who should I begin with?

[Literary speaking – not literally]

The idiot who is under the mistaken impression that he can’t reach me on Whatsapp because I’m having phone troubles?

The fact that Liam even knows my BB2 is playing up speaks volumes, or rather that his mommy is speaking volumes. Truth be told, despite any cellphone problems, I’m intimately familiar with the security and privacy settings on that messaging platform.

Dude – you were deleted and blocked. Get over it. He doesn’t even warrant a post.

Hmmm, maybe I should start with the delectable Deveroux.

On Saturday evening, Star and I were going about our business, getting ready to visit our Long Lost Best Friends, as we do every weekend; when I received an unexpected message on Facebook.

Dev: Psssst
Dev: smile emoticon

Harmony: Psssssst you! …
Harmony: smile emoticon

Dev: Think Star would like to earn 100 Bucks?

Harmony: Yeah, he’s always keen on earning money. What’s the dealio?

Dev: Brill.
Dev: Can he run us to The Full East Rand?
Dev: If he fetches us its another 100

Harmony: When? Tonight?

Dev:  redface
Dev: 19:30?
Dev: You can even be our entertainment

Harmony: Yeah that’s coolio. We can take you guys cos we’re on our way out about that time … Dunno about fetching though … What time are you gonna need a lift?

Dev: Dunno maybe 05:30
Dev: Haha kidding

Harmony: Hahahaha! Although this is The Dev we’re talking about!
Harmony: Where abouts in The Far East Rand?

Dev: Just chatted to my boet..we have decided to go to The Mall.
Dev: Still cool to drop us
Dev: R100 still stands

Harmony:  No problem. Still 7:30pm collect?

Dev:  Thank you

Harmony: No problemo. We’ll see you outside your complex at 19:30.

Hey why not? We have to drive past their residence and destination on the way to our friends, so it’s not out of our way whatsoever – an easy R100! [and at this time of the month – a godsend!]

Aside from the “you can be our entertainment” comment, which I didn’t even see at the time due to reading, replying and conferring with Star, the exchange was innocent enough and I had nothing to be concerned about.

Star and I drove the 700m to pick up the boys, with Dev’s brother arriving first. He got into the car, and began his usual banter.  This was followed by Dev running through the rain and joining his brother in the back.

“Hey Harmz! I thought you were going to be sitting in the back with me.”

Star’s eyebrows raised at that comment, but he said nothing.

Dev brother made a move to get out the car to exchange places and I mouthed for Star to go!

Bloody hell, I’m not playing musical chairs. Besides the fact that I was not going to get my hair wet by getting out of the Feisty Fiesta to climb in the back, why on earth would I sit in the back seat of my own car. No wait, the important question is, why would I want to sit next to Dev. In any car at any time!

The four of us chatted animatedly for the five minutes drive to The Mall, with Dev fishing to find out where I was going and who I was spending the evening. Other than “friends” he got nothing out of me.

When we arrived at the casino entrance, I suggested that Star and Dev exchange numbers to arrange being picked up, as I might already be home in bed by that time, and I didn’t want to be part of the deal.

Not even an hour later at my friends place, I received another Facebook notification.

… to be continued

~ ♥ ~