Next week is going to contain the best five days of the year so far!

On Monday morning I’ll be attending a prize-giving at Angel’s school. Just for a change. After she has been reawarded her Top 10 badge, I shall head home to pack the car with my Louis Vuitton luggage and enough food and drink [non-alcoholic] for the week.

Thereafter I’m hitting the road and heading to the North West where I’ll be spending a few days in a private lodge, which overlooks a small stream, on a farm nestled into the Magaliesburg mountains.

River View

A River Runs Through It


The Secret Garden


Big Momma’s House


A Room With a View

“On arrival, relax and unwind with a refreshing drink, then take time to enjoy the majestic views over the Buffelspoort Valley and dam while you cool off in the swimming pool. Spend the evenings in peaceful elegance, cuddled up to a cosy log fire, or sit around the fire pit and after cooking your meal, enjoy the star studded skies and listen to the nocturnal inhabitants commence their vigil.

Welcome the new day with a stroll through the secluded kloof, and listen to the exquisite sounds of the wakening bush. We have 1000 acres of private and pristine bush and mountain veldt for you to explore at your leisure. An energetic walk to the top of the mountain will give you views you only dream of, and if it is warm enough, take a dip in the pure, sparkling rock pools. The bush is a nature lover’s paradise, with numerous species of flora and fauna.”

My timing is perfect, as there will be a meteor shower in the hours before dawn from Monday to Wednesday, so I have have two opportunities to view the shooting stars without the Jozi lights and smog getting in my way. And best of all, if I have a really early morning shower, [either indoors or out, as I have both facilities] I’ll experience a POWER shower!

My days will be spent outdoors; taking long aimless walks, exploring the bush and the farm at leisure.  If the weather holds, I’ll take a skinny dip in the rock pools [swimming pools are so blasé] and picnic on the river bank. I’m going to attempt to the mountain, and meditate at the summit [all my Tarot and Angel cards are coming with me.]

Did I mention there’s no television, no cellphone signal and therefore no internet either. Four days of disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with myself.


I’m going to have to use my womanly wiles to get one of the owner’s teenager sons to light my fire every night. And I’m mean that in the literal sense – minds out the gutter place – as I have never lit a fire before and wouldn’t want a splinter for my efforts.

I plan to cuddle up on a comfy chair in front of the fire, with a pile of books I’ll be purchasing from the Hospice Shop this afternoon; sipping on hot chocolate and nibbling on chocolate.

I promise to take lots of photo’s and post upon my return!

On that note, I’ll be back in Jo’burg on Friday afternoon, just in time for my appointment with dear Adam who will be starting my Masquerade Marilyn tattoo! He sent me a mock up yesterday, and other than change the colour of two of the feathers, the design is absolutely perfect!

And a week after all that excitement is my Birthday! Good times ahead.

Til then, bye!