And this is why I love my daughter.

Angel was off sick yesterday with a dose of bunkalitis, disguised as a slight tummy ache. Not ill enough for laxatives or Buscopan – I offered both and the decline led me to my own diagnosis of bunkalitis, as Madam never turns her nose down at medicines when needed. So whether due to weariness or laziness, she garnered a day off.

The next statement will probably take me out of running for Mother of the Year, but nevertheless … I will admit that I’m not adverse to Angel taking a sick day when she needs it. As of last term’s marks, she is now first in her class, so she’s certainly not lagging academically.

Strangely, Star never attempted bunking – with or without my consent. In fact, he only ever missed two weeks of school in his entire career and that was due to Swine Flu. Yup, the child who never ever gets ill, somehow and from somewhere contracted Swine Flu.

I still remember him being diagnosed on the day of my step-fathers funeral – speaking of which, it was the 5th anniversary of his death yesterday – and even though it was merely a low grade fever and sore throat; the fact that it was Star under the weather, I took him to a doctor to be checked out, because as I mentioned earlier – he never get’s sick. Par for the preschool chicken pox and mumps.

Poor guy was quarantined in his bedroom for two weeks, sans any visitors. In order to feed him, I’d leave his plate of food outside his door and then BBM him from the safety of my bedroom for him to retrieve it. When he needed to use the bathroom, similar arrangement would be made to ensure we didn’t cross paths in the passage. We laugh now, but I would’ve died had I contracted it, so we took every possible precaution at the time.

But I digress. As I do so well.

Star had the Feisty Fiesta yesterday and twice a week he fetches his girlfriend was school [how sweet] so that they can spend some time together and so he drops me off at work and fetches me in the afternoon.

After the earthquake I found my myself ravenous. In fact I wondered if the rumbling of my office wasn’t in fact due to my hunger but after consultation with Google, I found out that Orknie Snork Né.

I called my kiddies to ensure that they were fine after the rumble in the jungle. Not that I was concerned about Star – nothing fazes him; but Angel is a very sensitive soul and I didn’t want my Chicken Little thinking the world had come to an end.

So whilst on phone, I hinted that I was hungry and asked Star if he could drop off a sarmie at the office on his way to fetch the girlfriend.

Imagine my absolute delight when he arrived an hour and hour later with a large lunchbox which contained chicken mayo on a Portuguese roll, with six moist mini red velvet cup cakes. Baked by none other than my Angel.

It is this heartfelt thoughtfulness that brings tears to my eyes and warms the cockles of my heart.