home sweet home

This is why I adore my son.

Last night we were chatting about our unsavory new neighbour and I told Star about my idea of using cat poop to hold down the plastic on the balcony above us in order to prevent it flying up and over the walls, and then down into my rose garden.

Star then told me that during the day he found even more plastic flying around the garden; and having already removed several packets and taken them down to the refuse area, he wasn’t about to take another walk.

So he put the bags inside each other, inserted a small rock, and threw the packet back up over the balcony wall where it landed with a satisfactory thud on the tiles.

Well done my boy, you did Mama proud.

After a hearty laugh together, Star noted that the poor guy doesn’t know what he has got himself into; as with all the hundreds of complexes in our town, and all the hundreds of units in our complex; he happened landed up above me. Only the most powerful woman in sectional title property in town. *

But in the spirit of communal living and keeping the peace, I shall be paying the hot-butted litter-bug a visit with a view to lend him a few of my movies.

Herewith a few titles I’m sure he’ll thoroughly enjoy:

Arlington Road
Bad Neighours
Lakeview Terrace
Rosemary’s Baby

[feel free to click on the links for a synopsis on each movie]

* Modesty dictates that I refute this claim, but truth be told I’m not feeling all that modest.