I have a new upstairs neighbour. The homeowner, the quietest woman known to mankind; moved out several months ago, and her father (Krishna, of the I’m-going-to-tend-your-garden fame) has been renovating the place since.

A few weeks ago we arrived home at the same time, and with our parking bays alongside each other, we got to chatting over the hood of his car.

He said that instead of he and his wife moving in with their daughter, as was originally planned for his retirement, the three of them, together with their son; decided to get a house in the North. Hence he’s been working between the townhouses of his respective children, retiling, painting and generally getting them ready for rental.

Krishna asked if knew anyone looking for a place (too many people are under the mistaken notion that I am a rental agent). I told him that I didn’t know anyone who was looking but that I would keep my ears and eyes open.

Yesterday Angel was at her BFF – Nina’s daughter and Star was parked on the couch watching movies of his own; and with no responsibilities or duties, I slept late and stayed in bed all day watching movies back to back on my laptop.

Between movies I could hear activity coming from above me. The scraping of furniture alerted me to the fact that my neighbourlessness was now over.

This afternoon I finally got out of bed. There was no milk for my morning coffee and I was starting to twitch.

Anyway, Angel needed to get to Scouts so I had no choice but to leave the warmth and comfort of my little heaven and put some suitable attire on.

When we got to the end of the garden, I noticed a silver luxury German sedan parked just outside my gate next to the Feisty Fiesta.also silver but definitely not luxury.

I took a few second to appreciate her fine curves and pristine coat before getting in my own car.

I plugged my BB into aux and with Pills n Potions blaring I reversed out the parking. Half-way out I noticed the Bee Em’s boot was open, and there was a guy leaning in it, attempting to retrieve some far reaching object.

Hmmm, nice view.

I took my sweet time navigating from out of my carport, keeping an eagle eye on any possible hazards in my way. Being the butt in my line of of eye.

By now my presence was obvious, and with an armful of packaged curtains the new neighbour turned to face the large beast (beast, not breast …).

He gave me a sweet small smile and continued watching me maneuver the vehicle until he was nothing but an object in my review mirror, looking a lot closer than he was.