I am not spontaneous, not by any means. But impulsive … different story.

Herein lies the difference:

Spontaneous: I feel like cutting my hair, so I’ll phone the hairdresser and make an appointment for the first availability.

Impulsive: I feel like cutting my hair, so I’ll ask Angel to cut it now … with her Swiss Army Knife.

I took out my hair extensions last Saturday afternoon, and once the fake tresses had been removed I decided that my natural hair [which was just just below my bra strap – call it mid-back] needed to be shorter too. I was not prepared to wait to get an appointment with a hairdresser and so I summonsed my mini-me to chop off the length.

We hunted high and low for her school stationery bag in order to retrieve a pair of scissors, however it was nowhere to be found. So whilst I continued digging in kitchen drawers Madam brought out her Scouting tool and showed me the mini pair of scissors.

I didn’t so much as blink an eyelid.

“Let’s go Angel. Cut it off. “

And so she did. With the blonde wet wavy locks falling in soft piles on the cold white bathroom tiles.

My head feels so much lighter with my hair now resting on my shoulders.

But it isn’t enough. Or rather it’s still too much. I have a burning need for greater change and so I have made an appointment with a hairdresser for tomorrow afternoon [hey – spontaneous after all!]

These are the ideas I have in mind … depending on tomorrow’s mood and how brave I am feeling once under cape.


short hair  Short Hair

Unfortunately I have no blonde in my hair, as I was sporting an ombre look and therefore all the lovely light coloured sections of the hair was removed, and only the bland brown remains. So I will be highlighting my hair [as in literally doing it myself – we all know how I feel about hairdressers and colour]; either tonight prior to the cut – or tomorrow afternoon after the cut.

Decisions decision.