hate work

I had a really bad time at work last week. Not least of all because the receptionist, or better known as Switch Bitch, got on my very last nerve which had already been stretched taut due to personal issues.

Without going into the gory details; suffice to say that the situation had become so tense that in an admitted fear that I was about to commit an assassination; Boss Lady handed over the keys to the company car together with a R100 note; and told me to leave the office and get myself a coffee.

Instead of hitting up the local Mugg & Bean [I don’t like their coffee anyway]; I headed north east to one of our clients in order to do the very work that Switch Bitch had neglected to do; and which was the proverbial straw backing this camels back; because if you want a job done – it seems you have to do it yourself. Even when the company employs and pays someone else to do it.

The travels did nothing to extinguish my rage; and instead of returning to the office and risking a lengthy jail term with hefty Hilda as a cellmate, I elected to pocket the money and I headed off to my newly found friends for a visit … and free shots of caffeine.

After an hour in Mix’s company, I felt calm enough to return to the Hell Hole and took a leisurely jaunt back to my little town.

Switch Bitch had been warned in my absence to stay out of my way, my sight, and my crosshairs for the foreseeable future, as the company did not provide medial aid; nor are staff members covered by Workmen’s Compensation.

The stupid stubborn back-stabbing wench of a woman still had the audacity to blame me for her stuff ups; even going so far as crying – literally crying to Boss Lady about how I was the one in the wrong. And so on my return to the office, I had to waste the next few hours sifting through emails to prove my innocence and her guilt.

After supplying BL with all the supporting evidence, I requested – no, demanded – that disciplinary action be taken against the SB as her incompetence, lack of worth ethic and bad attitude had crossed far too many lines for her to continue getting away with it.

And yet, nothing was done.

Last night I returned to Bossy Lady’s office and made it clear that I could no longer work with SB. The witch has resorted to bitching about me to my colleagues and they too have had enough of her evil ways, so I told BL to call in each and every staff member and ask if they had any problems in he company, without mentioned SB herself.

Lo and behold everyone in the company has a common issue – the Switch Bitch. So finally she was called in for a chat – not even a disciplinary hearing; and she was instructed to cease gossiping about me and my admin staff to the ladies in the accounts department; that she was to take responsibility for her stuff ups; and finally, that a load of her work would be taken away from her and given to our department so that we can ensure it is done.

This morning I was barely greeted with a grunt. Not that that bothered me, she can totally ignore me for all I care – in fact that would be preferable to her constant high-pictched moans.  Whilst I was making my morning coffee in the kitchen, who should I hear in the accounts department, having a lekker bitch about me.

I could not believe my ears! Not even a few hours after the chat by BL and her hubby, the Switch Bitch had the audacity to complain about me. And that’s not where it ends, my assistance was looking for important documentation that I require for an AGM this evening that we know for a fact was last in her possession, and she denied that she had it; and insisted that she had given it to me.

My assistant turned my office upside down, despite my assurances that I did not possess the docs; and told him to search HER area. He said that she wouldn’t let him near her desk and finally he decided to have a dig around Boss Lady’s office.  SB followed him in, as she is very nosy and if anyone enters her office in her absence, she takes it upon herself to investigate.

And what should he found on the floor … a box with all the documents that we had been searching for; and when he queried how they got there, the SB said, “Oh ja, I gave them to BL yesterday.”

You’re killing me here woman!

Finally, she refused to hand over other paperwork that we requested, and that BL and her hubby told her to give to our department and thus it was a very frustrating morning.

As soon as BL came in, I did not hesitate to run and tattle tale. I don’t know how I’m expected to work with someone so incompetent and deceitful and clearly not interested in teamwork. Luckily BL’s hubby arrived not long after, and I repeated the sordid tale to him too. He was shocked that not even 24 hours after her “chat” she had reverted to her old ways. I asked what action was going to be taken, and he said she would be getting an official verbal warning [at fucking last] and if her behaviour continues a written warning will follow suit [she should’ve had plenty of those by now].

Boss Lady spoke to me about her and said that despite all her admitted fuck-ups, she cannot get rid of her as she’ll be out on the street because she’s unemployable [no shit Sherlock! – but how is that my problem] and that we need to find a way to work together. I reminded BL that I have tried for over three years, but SW refused to take instructions from me, gives me attitude when I try to do so. I have had doors slammed in my face, files thrown on my desk and phones dropped on my ears – and there’s only so much a person can take.

So clearly she’s not going anyway, and obviously I can no longer work with her … so the only other option is for me to leave.

Speaking of leave, I applied for a week off a while ago, wanting to spend a few quality days with Angel whilst she was on school holidays in July; and since I took care of the company whilst BL was on holiday twice already this year, she said I could take a week during the year, instead of waiting for our usual compulsory December leave.

BL kept saying, “I’ll let you know closer to the time.” And so yesterday I asked again, noting that the schools were breaking up soon and I really wanted and needed some time off and away from the office. Leave declined. We are moving offices next month and BL wants me around for the planning etc.

So she decided I can have a week off in August. Now how the fuck does that help when Angel is at school and it means that I still have to get up at the crack of dawn to get her there – so I can’t sleep in late [the very benefit of being on leave] and I won’t be able to spend much time with her either.