“He’s deaf Harmony! Wined the high-pitched switch-bitch I work with, as if I was – deaf, that is.

“I know, I saw his hearing aid, I’m not blind you know. And so what? A disability doesn’t bother me.”

“And he’s Jewish!” Cried the most unChristlike Christian I know.

“Who cares Goyim? I’ve been a Christian, Muslim, Scientologist, Witch and a Buddhist to boot. It’s about time I jumped aboard the Judaism bandwagon.” So there!

“And he’s married.” She smirked.

Oy vey that’s fakakta. And you couldn’t have just led with that you schmuck?”

Oy gevalt!  Now I know why he wasn’t on Boss Lady’s match making list to begin with. And to make matters worse, his wife is also one of our clients. They own several properties; he represents some on their behalf, and she the others. I can be forgiven for not putting Taub and Taub together because they have a very popular Hebrew surname and I deal with them on separate complexes.

And if my now embarrassment isn’t enough – cos hey, who wants to be known for perving over their client, much less one married to another much loved client – Boss Lady caught wind of the situation and she has decided that she’s going to phone the wife and tell her!


I asked her if she was mad, because the last thing I want is a client knowing I was perving over her husband; and BL says that she’s going to ask her if her hubby has a brother or cousin or other similar looking family member that she can set me up with.


Oh, and the cherry on top, she wants the wife to know her husbands reaction to meeting me because she thinks it’s hilarious. Somehow, I don’t think the wife is going to share in the humour, but the more I tell BL to leave it be, the more determined she is to meddle.

I need a new job. ASAP.