push my buttons


Hi Mr IT, I’m Harmony! [too afraid to put my hand out in greeting in case I never let his go]

Oh hi Harmony, I’m Mr IT. [Wonderfully big bright smile]

Hahaha, I know! Nice to meet you! [very very nice!]

Hahahaha. [Deep laugh that vibrated in my lady parts]

Uh, so I just wanted to come and introduce myself. You know, put a face to the emails. [Had I known sooner, my stalking would’ve commenced years ago!]

Yes, it’s good to put an email to the face, to the name, er a face to the name. I mean, uh, you know. [aw cute – he is so tongue-tongued]

Hahaha. Ok then! Well it was nice meeting you. Bye! [nice doesn’t even cover it. I need to seriously berate BL for not putting Mr IT first on the list! WTF!? He’s gorgeous, and big, and gorgeous and totally yummy!]

And with that, I floated back to my office before the heat in my cheeks could give the game away.

Unfortunately BL had left the office during our meet and peek; and I didn’t have the opportunity to grill her for more information on the illusive Mr IT.  However, straight after work one of my colleagues called an impromptu meeting.

We gathered around her desk [I initially thought it was to bitch about the receptionist – our favourite pastime – but with her in attendance, that was clearly not the case.]

Ooooh, you guys should’ve seen the reaction Mr IT had when he saw Harmony!

Hey what are you talking about? He just got a bit tongue tongue, no biggie [trying to play-down the event]

Are you kidding! You literally took his breath away when you walked into the room.

Oh whatever. What are you talking about?

Mr IT saw you walking towards the reception and his mouth just dropped open.

[all staff laugh]

And then he just uttered “Wow”. And even after you left, he just stared in your wake and couldn’t concentrate on anything I told him about the server.

Really? Did he actually say that? He said “Wow” when he saw me? Seriously? [grinning so wide my mouth could split.]

Ja Harmony, it was audible. 

Yay! We’ve finally found someone good enough for Harmony! [Piped up the colleague constantly asking me out.]

Hmmm, ok I confess, I think he is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to tell BL tomorrow, she’s got to hook us up! I approve! I approve!

And then our favourite colleague, the nasty receptionist just had to burst my bubble.