Boss Lady has taken it upon herself to become my official match-maker.

She suffers from an innate and rather irrational fear that Deveroux and I are going to reunite [never gonna happen], and I supposed this stems from the fact that Dev’s brother and BL’s ex-husband were besties many many years ago, and fell into a life of debauchery and drugs together; and she is convinced that a similar fate awaits me on the arm of Dev.

Despite my assurances that I would never date Dev again in a million years, the very fact that we keep bumping into each other around town is cause for alarm as far as far as Bossy Boots is concerned, as clearly I have no self control! [so she thinks]

I suppose it doesn’t help matters that I had to take time off work year for all the court appearance in the Fabian episode too.

So perhaps BL has a point. I clearly have no [good] taste in men.

For months now she has been attempting to set me up with various clients; despite my [unsigned] contract stating that I may not fraternize with clients. On top of that, another colleague had jumped on the bandwagon as she feels I’m too sexy to be single. With her continual invitations to go out, methinks she has designs of her own. She however, is just not my type, even if she were that way inclined, which I’m pretty certain she’s not.

One of the first victims was the Chairman of one of more affluent estates in the larny suburb of my upbringing. I approve on principal!  However, than other being told he was Asian [his name gave it away anyway] I was provided with no further descriptions in neither his appearance nor personality.

At the respective Home Owners Associations Annual General Meeting a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet the man in question.

Now, anyone who knows me, is well aware that race, culture and colour don’t feature in my prerequisites for a man [or woman]. However, there are certain physical requirements that I have.

One is that I like a man to tower over me. At 5’1″ this doesn’t take much, and even an average heighted man would be seemingly tall in my books. Not so my Chairman. Granted I was wearing high heels at the meeting, but when we shook hands, I actually looked down on him, only by a few millimeters, but still.

My second bear-bug was that he was so soft spoken. Not to say he had a high pitched girly voice; or even a sexy raspy whisper; he was just very very quiet; and as it is I struggle to hear the spoken word [Angel insists that I get my hearing tested, personally I enjoy my hard of hearing status].

Finally, and this was the nail in his coffin – his personality is even softer than his voice and I can tell that this is the type of man that I would use as a doormat. Not to say I would purposely and intentionally walk all over him; but should we ever argue, the poor man wouldn’t stand a chance winning the fight. And I would probably take wicked delight in looking down on him. Literally and figuratively.

Oh well, no loss. Par for the money and magnificent house. Good thing I’m not shallow, nor desperate.

There were a few other recommendations from Bossy Lady, but none of them were my type – despite not actually having a type per se. I just found fault with all of them. And I’m all about the spark – the mutual chemistry. But it has provided BL with a new pet project, and I have been rather entertained.

Yes, it was all rather funny. Until yesterday when the electricity buzzed [I apologise for any resultant power outages in the greater Jo’burg area].

I saw sparks! In fact everyone in the office saw it too; especially the head of accounts who was standing next to the client in question when we met; and she had quite a bit to say about the meeting afterwards.

We are moving offices next month and as such have been looking for a new IT service provider in order to move our server across, as well as tend to our PC needs on a regular basis. [forgive the lack of technical terminology, but IT is not my forte].

One of our clients [drum roll] happens to own one such company; and whilst they general provide services to much larger organisations, because we offer such good service to several of his complexes; Mr IT agreed to come through to our offices to investigate our needs with the possibility of assisting.

When he arrived yesterday, BL called me out of my office to go through to the server to meet him. And not with any of her usual sly intentions either; she merely wanted me to meet a client that I have only dealt with via email and he was definitely not on her [or should that be my?] To Do list.

I walked into the reception where our hardware is kept and I was like wow! Superman! Tall. Exceptionally so. And big – wide – he just filled the entire room with his body and presence. Add very dark and lustrous brown hair, chocolatey eyes and Mediterranean skin; and I was sold! Not bad going considering I noted that he must be several years older than me, that’s a first!

Hello to the future Mr Ex Harmony!