I don’t know how much more the Universe can throw at me before I throw in the towel, but the latest hurdle obstacle boulder mountain has me pretty close to putting the covers over my head and never returning to this cruel cruel world.

*sigh* If only.

Even worse is that I cannot confide in anyone with regards to life’s latest upheaval and instead I have no option but to shove it into my already overflowing closet of skeletons to remain unspoken of. If only it could be unthought of too.

*sigh* If only.

Nevertheless, there are some situations in which one has no control over and I guess it’s another lesson in acceptance. Even it if means a part of my heart will be forever broken. But hey, If anyone can live with shards in the heart, it’s me.

*sigh* If only.

On a brighter note, it’s Star’s birthday today … I can’t believe that I have a 20 year old son. 365 days to go and he will be an adult. Fooking hell where does the time go? So Happy Birthday to Star. Yay.

Happy Birthday


Please forgive me for not responding to comments, messages etc. I just don’t have the energy to pretend that life is hunky dory at the moment, and this is the one place where I don’t have to put on a fake smile and act like I’m happy. No doubt I will bounce back soon enough, but in the meantime …