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lv nails

I can’t wait for this weekend!  If last weekend was a solid 8/10, this one’s guaranteed to be 9,5. I could easily break into song, I’m so giddy with excitement. It will be a weekend of all my favourite things.  And people.

On Saturday afternoon The Family will be congregating mafia-style at Don Dad to celebrate several Birthdays, Anniversaries and Mother’s Day that have recently occurred. My soul will be recharged for ages after basking in all that love, happiness and toddlers. Kids always bring an extra special energy.

But before that …. I am going to spoil myself with a major make-over.

Much to Precious’ delight, I am going to chop off my nails. Not trim, or shorten. I’m cutting them right off. But do not be alarmed; I’m not going to be talonless. Nope, I’m far too vain to sport stubby fingers. Instead I’m going to buy Louis Vuitton nail tips on Saturday morning. I was going to get a metallic gold pack, until [N] advised me where to get LV design.

Whoo Hoo!

Since Ellie Vie has retired and even Elle Vietjie has seen better days (the robbery severely traumatised her); I’ve missed having a faithful companion (i.e favourite accessory). So I’m going to go wild in this little store, stocking up on nails and nail art and then on Saturday, Precious will be tasked by Elle Vieing the nails!

So exciting! LV and my nails – just a few of my favourite things.

But that’s not all!

This afternoon I am going to reward myself for colouring, styling and cutting my own hair so well for so long; with a bit of a hair make-over too. I’ll post before and after pictures – I promise! I’ve already taken the ‘before’ photo’s, but I’m not giving anything further away as to the ‘after’!

So hair and nails are getting pampered, preened and pretty dolled up!  Fabulous!

My plans will keep me busy all Friday afternoon, early Saturday morning, Saturday late morning, afternoon and evening. Busy, busy, busy!

That leaves me with Sunday to rest. I definitely want to spend it outdoors though. I can’t get through a week without my dose of sunshine and with winter fast approaching, best I make hay, hey! We’ll see which Park, Farm or Nursery the Universe sends me to. Hopefully somewhere they serve sushi. I’ve got a craving to satisfy!