Mother and Daughter

Best weekend in weeks months years! I am still breathless.


Where to start?

After a wonderful afternoon with my parents on Friday, Angel and I dashed off to the best bakery in town to purchase a dozen sausage rolls as our contribution to snacks at the Mother’s Day Pajama Party at Angel’s school, together with a plate of miniature muffins that madam had baked the night before.

Once packed and dressed in our comfy PJ’s, Star dropped off the girls, together with very fluffy pillows, bling make-up bag, and overnight Louis Vuitton bag packed with sleeping bag and two blankets [not Blankie].

The hall was already pretty packed when we arrived, however we managed to squeeze ourselves into a cosy spot front and centre. I wasn’t going to watch the movie from the back or side-lines!

The evening commenced with a young lady giving a beauty talk and this was finally followed by the fun! The girls had to apply make-up to their moms fresh faces, as per instructions given by the hostess.

Once the allotted time was over, the moms – all 200 of us – had to parade across the stage so that the judges [the beauty talker and her staff] could vote for the best made-up mom.

And the winner is …

*drum roll*


Oh my god! I couldn’t believe it when they pointed at me! I still did the “Who me?” with big eyes; and only after several nods from the ladies on stage, did I comprehend that yes, I won!

I headed back onto stage to received my glamous prize [a Wella hairdryer, some fancy salon shampoo, conditioner and mask, as well as a brush for wet hair] to a resounding round of applause from the mommies and girls; and catcalls from a colleague at the back of the hall. Naughty girl.

What a wonderful treat in time for Mother’s Day and all thanks to my talented Angel’s brilliant make-up application – she’s not my stylist for nothing!

Thereafter we ruined our make-up by stuffing us faces with the food provided by all the participants. *Yum yum gobble gobble.*

Finally we make ourselves comfy and watched the movie. Luckily I hadn’t seen Frozen before, so I thoroughly enjoyed it – despite the entire hall erupting in chorus every time a song came on.

All too soon the movie and our evening came to an end, and it was time to head home and straight to bed, as I had a very early start on Saturday morning. So early in fact that I had to arise earlier than I do during the week for work, as my my catcalling colleague was collecting me at the crack of dawn.