tattooed blonde

I conveniently forgot to confess with whom I chatted last week … although I will admit that it was a truly legitimate [but unfortunately not intimate] conversation. Nevertheless, it left me smiling for days.

Some people are able to sprinkle their star dust on you without even being in their physical presence and the effects are long-lasting.


It’s Star’s girlfriend’s Matric dance coming up on Saturday and she wants him dressed exactly how he was at his own dance last year. Which means we need a bow tie. Now where did we get the bow tie last year?

Oh yes, that’s right! Star borrowed one.


I suggested that Star get in touch with his contact to ascertain where the bow tie was purchased so that I could go buy one, as Star and I had walked the mall flat without any luck. However he said that they were no longer in touch as there was drama with their mutual friend and therefore he wasn’t comfortable getting in touch to ask about the bow tie.

I had no such qualms with regards to contacting the bow tie holder.


Facebook here we come!

H: Hi [S], Hope all is great with you, looking fantastic as always šŸ™‚ Tell me, where did you buy that black bow-tie? It’s D girlfriends MD next week and she wants him dressed exactly the same as he was at his dance last year. I’ve kinda left it to the last minute so I only have this weekend to find it. Naughty mom šŸ™‚ Thanks XXX

[S]: Hey Harmz. Hmm I can’t really remember. Think it was from a costume store. I just sprayed it with hair spray to make it hard. I’ll have a look around and let you know? Ditto you’re looking great too. So glad to see you.xxx

[S]: Hahaha ahhh we always leave it to the last min. Makes it pressurised. We all love pressure hahahah šŸ˜‰

H: Hahaha! Exactly! That way it gets done cos there’s no other choice! Ah I didn’t think of that! There’s one near my office so I’ll go past on Friday after work. Or I can even send Star. Thanks [S]! Will let you know if I come right, but if you happen to spot one, please give me a heads up šŸ™‚ Yes I remember the hair spray and the blow drying, will be sure to follow suit to ensure same results! Hahaha!

[S]: Hahahahha great check and lemme know and I’ll ask around my side. Xxx

H: Perfecto! Thanks again, have stunning evening XXX

A few days later …

H: Miss [S], you are a superstar! Star and I have just been to Costume Store and have left with a much needed black bow tie *relief* Whoo hoo! Mwah! XXX

[S]: Hahahah yay ok im happy to hear that! !! You’re a rock star šŸ˜‰

H: Hahaha Mommy is back in the good books … But I gave you credit too šŸ˜‰

[S]: Hahaha have a great weekend. Xx

H: Thanks again [S], really appreciate your help. Have a good one yourself šŸ™‚ XXX

Ā ~ ā™„ ~

*sigh* Unfortunately I’ve used up the last excuse I have to ever contact her, but the short communication was just what I needed after the horrible weeks I’ve been having.

I could seriously do with another crush as I really miss the chatting and flirting and giggling and sighing with a ‘hopeful’.

I don’t think I’m quite up to dating again just yet. It took a year to pluck up the courage to put myself out there again and look how that ended; not to say I’m going to waste another year waiting, but I am still a shitload tad mistrustful of men.

Let’s see what the Universe has on offer for Ms Harmony.

Ā ~ ā™„ ~