I had an early night on Wednesday, being so tired for the working week. All two days of it. And since Angel had a friend over – the sister of the girl who was just left behind after Angel’s recent Bring and Braai with the mother’s assumption that I would babysit so that she could go out – I couldn’t even veg on the couch and watch recently downloaded series as the girls had taken over the lounge.

In fact, they’re still in attendance. It appears that the mother dropped off her daughter at the complex over the weekend and just hasn’t been back to fetch her; so she’s been staying with me and another family in the complex for the past week. Can you imagine how impressed I am. I know I’m a Place of Safety, but for eff sakes ask me first. I’m so sick of people just expecting me to do things for them.

That’s what you get for being a nice person. When you’re not being walked on, stabbed in the back or totally screwed over; your house becomes the local child care center and your car the convenient taxi.

On Tuesday Mimi’s daughter [N] had a job interview, and guess when I was asked to assist with transporting her there. On Tuesday morning at 05h30 in the freaking morning. I was highly pissed off for the following reasons:

1. Don’t send me messages at 05h30 in the damn morning. I am still sleeping!

2. Don’t wait until the last minute to enlist my help.

3. Don’t make it my problem to get your child to a job interview.

I ignored the message for the above three reasons, and it wasn’t long until I received a message from [N] herself. I ignored that one too and this was followed up with another message from Mimi who could see I was online. Damn Whataspp! [I’ve since changed my security settings for added privacy].

She was begging me to have Star take [N] to her job interview, playing on my sympathies with her being pregnant and really needing this job.

My harsh reply stated that since her brother Liam was on leave, why doesn’t she ask him to take her.

Mimi replied that she had Liam’s car and wouldn’t be home in time to take [N]. Again, why is this my effing problem, and why couldn’t they arrange this the day before? I told her that it was up to Star where he’d be prepared to take her, and she said that [N] had already asked him and he said it was fine as long as they put petrol in the car [bless my child].

So after dropping me off at work, Star had to return home to fetch [N] and take her to the interview – for which he had to drive past my office again to get there. If they had just effing organised this the day before, he could’ve made one trip in the morning; instead of wasting petrol and time making two.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about my day off yesterday, not a bitch about Mimi et al, but since I’m on the subject, I might as well get it all off my chest.

Last night Mimi messaged me saying how much she missed me, and why was I avoiding her, and if it had something to do with Liam.

I decided that honesty was the best policy and agreed that it was mostly due to her son and that the latest revelations had me still highly pissed off, and naturally there was no way I was going to step a foot inside her house for as long as he resided there. I reminded her that she knew I wasn’t comfortable going there and that she had made no effort to come over to my place.

Hmmm mmm. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

She said that because of the weather she was always in bed by 19h00. Not sure how that relates to never making the effort to visiting me, because it’s not like I get home after 19h00 every day, but whatever.

To be honest, I thought the only reason she was sucking up to me was to ask for a list for [N] to get to her new job; however no request was forthcoming. Unless she’s only starting work on Monday in which case I can expect a message sometime between Sunday night and the early hours of Monday morning.


I had a lovely Workers Day, thank you for asking. I didn’t make it to the Reserve as I wasn’t keen on exploring a new place on my own, however tempting it was for the wild animals to gobble up the kids so that I wouldn’t have to feed them [hehehe Ruth;-)].

Instead I took Angel and several girl friends to good old faithful Gillooly’s Farm. I found a quiet yet sunny spot far enough from the happy families to avoid swinging from any willows, but close enough to the entrance for security purposed. Just because I wasn’t in the mood to kill myself, doesn’t mean I wanted anyone else to do the honours.

For three blissful hours I lay on the sleeping bag reading a book of Angel’s whilst catching a suntan and sipping on Storm and Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana [I’m officially addicted]. I received several stares, possibly due to my spring floral dress being hitched up to the top of my thighs … but my philosophy is, if you don’t like, don’t look.

Weather permitting, I plan to return to Gillooy’s this weekend for part 2 of reading, suntanning and drinking. However this time I shall go solo and I don’t want to be dictated to when to return home. Anyway, Angel has indicated that she wishes to visit her paternal grandparents this weekend, so I guess I’m off the hook.

Best I get an early start though as Angel’s father T [or whatever pseudonym I’ve given him] is paying me a visit tomorrow afternoon to discuss Bizniz. A recent job proposal I was offered hasn’t been forthcoming; however between T’s government contacts [Viva Comrades Viva] and my business acumen, we can actually start up the very same business on our own; with us catering for the public market, whereas they’re cornered the private market.

So we [meaning me] are going to draw up a business plan and budget to ascertain whether it is viable or not, because I can’t see myself remaining where I am for very much longer. Not without murder and mayhem and as I’ve previously stated; orange will seriously clash with my skin tone. I’m also not prepared to be self-employed again unless I’m certain that we’ll rake in millions. It’s just not worth the stress.

I’ve been invited by my colleague [again] to go clubbing on Saturday night. She’s taken my dithering deliberations as confirmation that I’ll go with; but I’ll see how I feel after a day in the sun and then the plotting to hop aboard the gravy train.

I’d love to stay and chat… but