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Woman Shocked

Mimi: There’s something I need to tell you because I don’t ever want there to be secrets between us.

Harmony: Okayyyy.

Mimi: And even though he’s my son, what he’s done is not right.

Harmony: Hmmmm.

Mimi: You know on Sunday we were at Roger and Natasha.

Harmony: Ja.

Mimi: Well Natasha called me aside and said she has to tell me something; because her and I are like you and I – we don’t have secrets.

Harmony: Uh huh.

Mimi: Now, you know of Natasha’s sister Odette and her husband Brandon?

Harmony: Ja, I’ve heard you speak about them.

Mimi: And obviously Roger and Natalie and Odette and Brandon and Liam spend a lot of time together, even when Liam was still with Chantal.

Harmony: Hmm mmm.

Mimi: Well, Natasha told me that Odette and Liam have always been close.

Harmony: I know that. Liam did mention that they were good friends.

Mimi: Hahaha, is that what he told you?

Harmony: Yeah.

Mimi: They were more than just good friends. Natasha says they were always flirting with each other, even when he was still with Chantal, but after they broke up they got even closer.

Harmony: How do you mean?

Mimi: Natasha says that whenever Odette was having problems with her husband, she would turn to Liam for a shoulder to cry on and even when they were all together at Natasha and Roger’s house, her and Liam would go to the shops together or find an excuse to be alone.

Harmony: Where was her husband in all this?

Mimi: Oh he was there! [N] was with me with Natasha was telling me these things and she said that in the December holidays she saw Odette pull Liam into one of the bedrooms while Brandon was outside braaing and when [N] barged in to find out what was going on, Liam said that Odette was drunk and being silly by trying to kiss him.

Mimi: Anyway, so something has been going on between them for quite some time, but obviously it wasn’t serious. However, when he started talking about you all the time, and said that he was going to take you out she got very jealous. Odette didn’t think he would actually take you out because he hadn’t been on a date in two years and she had always kept him close enough not get serious about anyone else.

Mimi: On the Monday morning after Liam took you out, he couldn’t stop talking about you in the car on the way to work, and how happy he was to have met you and how well you two got on.  Natasha was obviously also very happy for him and when she got to work she told her sister about how well the date went with you and that Liam was finally moving on from Chantal.

Mimi: Only Odette wasn’t so happy about this news and she immediately got hold of Liam and told him that she was going to leave her husband so that they could finally be together. That’s when you got the message from Liam saying that he wasn’t ready for a relationship.

Mimi: We all thought it was because he was still mourning after his ex, and he led all the family to believe that; meanwhile behind all our backs he was plotting with Odette to be together.

Mimi:  But Odette kept stringing him along, and after a week told Liam that she was back with her husband to work on her marriage, and then Liam became even more depressed because he had let you go in order to follow a dream that was never real; and Odette was back with Brandon.

Mimi: Natasha was talking to Odette saying that he’s still not over his ex, and how everyone was upset about the way he had treated you and then she finally confessed as to what was really going on, and then Natasha told me on Easter.

Mimi: We we were all angry thinking that he was worried about his daughter and sad that his ex was moving on; and even worse – you were encouraging us all to be nice to him the whole time and telling us to stop being hard on him. Meanwhile he was carrying on with his sister-in-law behind her husbands back and they were making plans to be together.

Mimi: I realise now that I don’t know my son at all, and I am so sorry for ever introducing you to him and setting him up with you. I’ve told him that I know everything and he actually wanted to try make amends with you!

Mimi: But I told him not to dare ever speak to you again, you are too good for him and I warned him to stay away from you.

Mimi: Now he even more depressed because he realises that Odette is never going to leave her husband and because you were the one sticking up for him all these weeks he knows what a good person you are and he’s lost you.

Harmony: I have to get back to work now.