shocked face

Freshly rejuvenated after Monday’s body, mind and soul pampering; Tuesday was a splendid start to the working week.

I was over the moon when I received the news that Star had passed his driver’s test.  Especially considering he had practiced for exactly zero hours and naught minutes since failing last week.

His test commenced at 13h00 and I was an absolute wreck with nerves for the next two hours. Even Boss Lady kept shouting from her office next door for updates every half an hour.

It was only at 15h00 when Mimi called me with the news that I was finally put out of my misery.  I wasn’t too impressed that I had to receive the news from her though. Star had wanted to surprise me, and so kept his phone off, with plans to fetch me from work at 16h30. However, when he and Barry arrived home, he obviously told his wife and she took it upon herself to call me with the news.

Oh well. All’s well that ends well.

I had little more than 30 minutes at home after work before I had to return for a meeting at the office at 18h00, and whilst I was sitting outside enjoying a cup of Nescafe and the setting of the sun; who should arrive at my garden gate.

Miss Mimi herself.

We chatted about Star getting his driver license – with Mimi taking much credit in this regard as it was her hubby who took Star to book and then went back with him for the actual test. However she neglects to mention that they went in my car, not theirs and whilst I do appreciate his time; let’s not forget that she forgot to arrange driving lessons for Star with same hubby; nor the fact that I take her son to school EVERY day.

But, whatever. I’m not counting.

After the conversation about Star, Mimi asked me why I’ve been so quiet as I haven’t been chatting to her on Whatsapp. However, before I could actually answer her, as in tell her how disappointed I was over the weekend with the constant let downs with the so-called plans to go out and therefore I was indeed childishly ignoring her [cos that’s how I roll] … she dropped a bombshell.

And you know me, it takes a hell of a lot to shock Harmony; I’m usually the one embroiled in the scandal … but Mimi’s shattering news had my mouth agape and left me quite speechless.

Once she finished the sordid tale, I could see she was expecting a response from me; but all I could utter was …

I have to get back to work now.