My Teen Age Idol


BORN: 23 August 1970
DIED: 31 October 1993


My birthday is also the 23rd of August and my ex husband’s birthday is the 31st of October.  So I was born on River’s birthday and he passed away on Star’s father’s birthday. *insert eerie music* I was so devastated by his death that my employees gave me compassionate leave to mourn. I kid you not.

Seven months later Star was born and I named him River Star. His father was having none of my “wild hippy nonsense” and so this name is unfortunately not reflected on his birth certificate. However, it is still how I think of my son and I often call him by his true given name.

River_Phoenix river 1 River 2 River-river-phoenix-391971_368_413 river-phoenix-21 River-river-phoenix-391986_273_374


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