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sexy angel

I spent Easter Monday alone as Angel was still with her bestie and Star was doing whatever it is that he does when he’s with his boys.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, or hosting another pity party for one; I smoked the remainder of my stash [sorry Goddess] and set myself up in comfort for the rest of the day.

I lay Angel’s old Disney Princesses sleeping bag on the grass in my under utilized garden and threw a few cushions on it. I brought out two packs of Angel Reading cards, a deck ofย Tarot of Marseilles and my Rumi Bible. Oh yes, and I took out all my crystals for much needed cleansing.

And so I was set for the day; and what a glorious one it was! The weather was once again on my side, and my body tingled under the warmth of the suns golden rays.

After a few yoga stretches, I meditated in my blissful surroundings and thereafter conducted several very insightful readings for me myself and I. I then used my newly energised crystals for a Chakra cleanse and rebalancing; and by the end of my session I was rejuvenated.

Other than chatting with Goddess and updating her on my progress via Whatsapp, I ignored the rest of the world. When I heard Mimi in the vicinity I merely lay down on the sleeping bag as though in deep sleep to avoid any conversation or confrontation. This was my day.

I also fasted for the day [not difficult after all the crap I ate the day before] and so I gave my physical body a chance to rest and reset my usually irritable digestive system.

And thus, Harmony was resurrected.