marilyn monroe married

On Sunday morning I decided that I wasn’t going to sit around waiting for Mimi’s call as I had already wasted half of my weekend doing so. Before I could draw out my battle plans, I received a call from Nina asking me if I would like to join her and the kids at her boyfriends parents plot, as they were having an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and a braai for all.

Count me in sister!

At the appointed time, I messaged Nina asking for in depth directions as I wasn’t familiar with the suburb [yes, I was leaving my town!!!] and I was afraid of getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Luckily they were leaving home at the very moment and she offered to come past my complex so that I could follow the convoy.

Yippee kai yay!

The weather was gorgeous; with the sun blazing a beautiful 27 degrees Celsius down on us whilst we relaxed in the vast open spaces; with a stable of horses cantering past and a kennel of dogs weaving amongst the legs of the plethora of kiddies. Not forgetting the Easter Bunny who littered several acres with a large variety of chocolate eggs.

Ah heaven!

Nina pointed me in the direction of the fully stocked bar fridge and I helped myself to a Lime Breezer [or few] and I even partook in a shot of Tequila to celebrate the magnificent day; ah I could easily be put out to pasture in such relaxing surroundings.

Whilst the Daddy’s were playing Easter Bunny, Nina and I had the kids [one of mine, three of hers, two of her boyfriends, and two of her sisters] indoors to distract them.  They were put in pairs, and given streamers, glitter glue and other colourful favours to decorate the baskets they would later collect their chocolates in.

I assisted Nina’s BF’s 2 year old son, as he had taken a liking to me [what can I say] and the two of us had more glitter and glue on us than on the basket by the end of the play session.  Angel got stuck in too and painted Marilyn’s lips and married her off, unlucky gal [see above].

An hour later and the Daddy’s hadn’t yet finished hiding the choccies and so we played pass-the-parcel with them chillens. By the end of the unwrapping tearing of three parcels, during which each child had gained several handfuls of small chocolates and marshmallows; I was already feeling nauseous at the sight of so many sugary treats.

But that was nothing compared to the sight awaiting us outside. I haven’t seen that much chocolate in a sweet shop; let alone in a garden; suffice to say that Nina and her boyfriend didn’t spend hundreds on chocolate; but rather thousands. And no cheap crappy chocolate either, we’re talking Geldof. *drool*

Once again I was teamed up with my young admirer and we scoured the lower lying areas to fill [three times over] his basket with an assortment of chocolates to make Charlie jealous. It took eight kids almost an hour to find all the hidden treasures, but before they were permitted to eat any of them, more games were in store!

A photo booth was set up for funny pics; one where you could wear Bunny Glasses and Ears and another where you put your face through the hole of a cardboard cutout of another Bunny and background. And yes, I posed for both. And no, you won’t get to see those photo’s.

We ate, we drank, we laughed, we made merry. And then I received a message.

Mimi: Hi friend how u??

~ better now that I’m with friends who don’t let me don’t ~

Mimi: What u doing?

Harmony: Hi my friend, I came with Angel to an easter hunt in City 2 with friends.

Mimi: Friend is here, Can we hook up with you later or u gonna be tired??

~ should I, shouldn’t I, should I , shouldn’t I? ~

Mimi: We just here by Roger [son] and Natasha [daughter in law] chilling.

Harmony: Angel is gonna stay with her friend, so I’ll let you know when I leave here.

Mimi: Ok.

~ 30 minutes later ~

Harmony: I’m leaving now. Should I come past there?

Mimi: We just quickly going to the airport to get Friend and his friends tickets for Wednesday.

~ well now, that’s mighty convenient ~

Mimi: I won’t let u come around as Liam is also here.

~ WTF ~

Harmony: Oh ok. Gonna go home and have a bath.

~because I think I’m done waiting around for these plans to come together, and Marilyn needs a divorce ~

Mimi: Ok

~ 1,5 hours later ~

Mimi: Hey friend, Friend left cause they had to rush back to Sandton.

~ not interested ~

Mimi: They did not stay long.

~ Really? By my calculations they were there for 2 hours after I was back in town. But you know what, I don’t care, and I’m still ignoring you ~

Mimi:Ey it’s just a pity u were not home earlier.

~ again, WTF? I told you I was on my way and YOU told me not to come because Liam was there!!! *sigh* Ignore ~

~ later that night ~

Mimi: They want us to come to Sandton

~ Fuck that, ignore ~

Mimi: I said no u don’t like driving at night

~ Oh, so now you’re putting this on me! Ignore ~

~ still later that night ~

Mimi: Friend why is this we never get to go out.

~ ignore ~

Mimi: Everytime there is an obstacle??

Harmony: Seems we just not meant to go.

Mimi: I’m sad because of that. I did not know they gonna come while you out with Angel.

~ Did you think I was going to sit at home for another day waiting for plans to materialise? And still, I was on my way to you a mere 30 minutes after you told me, and the plans changed in the 15 minutes it took me to drive home ~

Mimi: They just told me they in town.

~ whatever, I had a GREAT day and I’m not going to let you ruin it ~