sad woman

Star was not taken driving yesterday morning, as Barry did not arrive at the appointed time that I had confirmed with Mimi on Tuesday evening.  And not because Barry left home or anything remotely acceptable like that. Oh no. Mimi forgot to provide him with the time I had allocated as they were too busy fighting.

So now their problems become my problems.

On top of that, because of the tension between Barry and Mimi’s daughter [N], she and [B] have taken to hanging out at my place. Now I don’t mind when [S] is in attendance because at the very least I get a good perve which warms the cockles of something inside me; but it appears that [B] and [S] are no longer bosom buddies and so it serves no good purpose having these two girls as guests.

Worst of all, Star wasn’t even home to host them; they just took it upon themselves to make themselves at home. Angel didn’t know what to do and in all fairness, it’s not her place to either entertain them or kick them out; however after doing her homework she wanted to go out and play and so put all the valuables in my bedroom and locked the door.

At something prior to sunrise this morning, Mimi sent me a barrage of messages. On waking I noted that she was requesting a few bob for Barry to get to work. Not my problem, so I duly ignored the messages without response.  A few minutes later Mimi phoned to say that she was outside my door.

Oh for fuck sake! I wanted to sleep in late!

Blah blah blah, Barry doesn’t have money to get to work and her daughter-in-law is getting paid on the 20th and she will give the money back then [although the Whatsapp message said she would return the cash this evening] and please don’t I have a bit of money to loan them.

I retrieved Elle Vietjie and handed over R20 – which was the grand contents of my purse and Mimi said that unfortunately it wasn’t enough for Barry to get to work on his own steam and she’d had to return from work early in order to take him, but that she would keep the money for bread.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m only too happy to help out a friend in need; but firstly I’m pretty skint myself this month due to the Feisty Fiesta bleeding me dry, and secondly I’m a little sore that she ‘forgot ‘ to tell Barry the time to be at my place in order to take Star driving, which is quite a high priority in my life.

So the fact that she can send me messages at the crack of dawn and get me out of bed at the crack of dawn to ensure that her husband – whom she’s always fighting with – gets to work on time; leaves me pretty peeved as there was little consideration for my son to go driving with the only person I know home during the day in order to assist.

But like I said, whatever.

My mood has gone from sad to mad and personally I would much rather be angry and vent my emotions outward than continue with the pity party of feeling sorry for myself. So no, I am not back to the Happy Harmony we all know and love [mostly] and my latest fear is that this is the early onset of menopause.

Gods help us all.