sad girl

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Work is always stressful and clients are generally demanding and unreasonable, so in all fairness I can’t really blame my job.

I’m well used to surviving on the bones of my lily white ass, so this month’s lack of finances can hardly be blamed for my mood.

The kids are attending to house work and home work with little to no resistance and so it’s not them making me feel like this.

As much as I am looking forward to four days of no work and more sleep; I am also absolutely dreading the long weekend. I have no plans to go anyway, have anyone over, or do anything more than the aforementioned slumber.

Perhaps it’s seasonal depression, god knows I love sunshine; or is it a co-incidence that I have been so down since the weather turned?

Or maybe it’s the thought of how I spent the last Easter Weekend. Clue: Jesus wasn’t the only one who was raised from the dead.

Nope, I’m sure I’m over all of that as I’ve already survived the actual anniversary thereof with no lasting ill-effects.

So in all honestly, there’s nothing really wrong, or worse than usual, or any good (bad) reason to feel this way and yet I have a dark cloud of misery hanging above me with a twinge of dread.

I think I think too much.