“So Harmony”, said Mimi’s husband Barry in the car on our way to fetch Angel from school.

“I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but if you had to remarry, would you allow your children to disrespect your new husband?”

Oh no Barry – that’s not putting me on the spot at all. Please go ahead and discuss the personal details of your marriage to one of my closest friends with me. By all means. Seriously, go ahead, I know what’s coming.

“Er … well now. It would be difficult for me to comment since I have no plans to remarry.

“But hypothetically. If you were remarried and Angel was disrespectful to your husband, who isn’t her father. Are you going to accept that?”

So … Do I pretend that I don’t know that you’re referring to [N] and her lack of respect to you; which is (a) none of my business; and (b) still none of my damn business; and (c) oh my god are you actually discussing this with me; and (d) truth be told, quite deserving???

“Um, well here’s the thing. My kids were taught from a very young age to always respect their elders; so it would be highly unlikely that either of my kids would ever be disrespectful to someone older than them.”

How’s that for hypothetical.

“You know Harmz,” and bearing in mind that this is our very first conversation ever. As in EVER EVER EVER. As in we have never said more than “hello” to each other prior to this chat and he feels familiar enough to shorten my name???

“You know Harmz, I can’t take it anymore. I’ve decided to leave.”

Silence in the car.

Round of applause in my head.

“I’m 90% sure of my decision and I’ve already spoken to Liam about it and since is seen as the man of the house; he and Mimi can pay the rent and the bills and I’ll move out. I’ll take care of my children from where ever I am.”

Angel can you hurry up and get out of dance class already and get your ass to the car!

“Sjoe Barry.”

“Ja Harmz. I’m tired of this now so I’m going to leave.”

“Sooooo … are you free to take Star driving again tomorrow or will you be gone by then?”