sexy hip hop dancer

Yesterday I had one of those

Oh My God I Love My Life!!!


It was at gym, during my favourite class, Dunk Funk. Instead of it being led by the lady trainer who conducts modern and contemporary dance classes [during which I find myself tripping over my feet]; my favourite trainer BJ [the guy who gave me several interesting books to read *] has taken over the class and is teaching us Hip Hop Dancing.

*Harmony does the happy dance*

I didn’t feel like I was in a studio in my hood; I felt like I was in a Studio in the The Hood.

I worked up a sweat, got my heart racing, my blood flowing … and my hips … hmmm … gyrating. And if I’m honest, there was little tingle in the groin area …

And that was just walking into class and seeing the trainer! *drool* He says he dances hip-hop professionally. Although, the last two guys who told me that, happened to be strippers at some point in their lives.

Nevertheless, one doesn’t actually care about his credentials. He has provided handy eye candy to motivate one through many a strenuous 40 minute battle with Tums and Bums.

But it is during Hip Hop classes that he performs his best. I’m not sure if I attend his classes to learn how to dance, or merely to ogle his sexy moves. Either way I’m picking it up fast [the moves, not the man] and my body has discovered that I’m quite suited to this rhythm of dance.

At the end of the class, like a woman who’s just had some the best sex of her life and doesn’t want to ruin it with meaningless conversation; I wiped the sweat off my brow, put on my jacket and breathlessly walked out the room without a word.

So I’ve done two classes already, with my third coming up tonight; and what I love the most is that BJ isn’t merely teaching us the moves; but by the end of the class we have learned an entire dance routine!

Even more impressive, is that I am the “old lady” in a class full of young women, and not only do I manage to keep up … I outshine most of them. *brag brag* What can I say … these hips don’t lie.

* Oh didn’t tell you about that? A few weeks ago BJ asked if he could provide me with a few ebooks. It was quite a random request, but not one to say no to material reading, I gave him a USB flash drive and the following day I had: Why Men Lie and Why Women Cry; and Why Men Don’t Listen and Woman Can’t Read Maps. I’m still not sure to make of that.