sexy car

It was the missing member of Mommy’s Club. Alice.

She was absolutely distraught and I could barely make out what she saying; suffice to say I established that her boyfriend (a.k.a father of her baby a.k.a Deveroux’s brother) had just broken up with her and they were coming over immediately to fetch her kids … from Angel’s bring and braai.

Light bulb moment.

Ah – So that’s why I saw Dev. Or rather his car. He has tinted windows and the drivers seat was on the other side of the pool. So I didn’t actually see him. But it was his car. I just didn’t make the connection from Dev to his brother to the brother’s girlfriend to her kids being at my place; especially as the Gran [who has custody of the kids] dropped them off.

Alice didn’t make mention of a previous visit to the complex by her, the boyfriend or any other family members; but she did say she would be at my place by 18:00, and that I should have the kids outside waiting for them as they were in a hurry.

I walked to the entrance gate with the kids at the appointed time and a few seconds later her boyfriend pulled up. In Dev’s car. Duh. That will teach me to jump to conclusions.

Getting out the vehicle, Alice was more than distraught. She was still crying, and judging by the swollen eyes and stained cheeks, had been doing so for a while. Her kids were asking her what was wrong and she told them she was was tired because the baby was sick and so she hadn’t slept much.

The boyfriend jumped out of the car to greet me and usher everyone into the car. Or at least attempted to. Angel and her friend were having drawn-out goodbyes and Alice was still sobbing and the baby, now in the boyfriends arms, was crying and I felt like I was standing in the middle of the wrong set. And then the back door opened and I heard …

Hello Harmony. (Except without the ‘H’s and with a very pronounced French accent.)

Bonjour Mom de Dev.

‘Ow are ‘ou?

I’m fine thank you. It lovely to see you.

And ‘ou.

Are you keeping well?

Ah oui oui!

That’s good.

‘ou are looking very (accent on the ‘R’) lovely (3 syllables, not 2). Every time I see ‘ou, ‘ou are looking younger (soft ‘G’) and younger (ditto)

I know! Once I hit forty I decided to start aging the other way!


It’s always lovely to see Dev’s mother as she is such a gentle soul. But it’s also a reminder of the past. And as the gods are my witnesses, I hate going there.

And by ‘there’ I’m referring to all of the past. Not just the history relating to Dev et al.

Anyway, so everyone finally climbed into the car, and Dev’s vroom vroom went speeding off into the sunset.

But that wasn’t the last I saw of that car this weekend. I saw it again on Sunday. And this time … Dev was driving it. Like a bat out of hell.

And these are the days of my life … [It should have a sound track. Good music makes everything bearable]

But that’s not all …

If you comment now, you’ll get to hear all about my mini-break-down on Saturday night.

I was supposed to out that evening; I had a choice between a Club in The North [not if I’m driving!]; a Club in the East [not really my scene either]; or the cocktail bar where I used to take Latin American Dance lessons [and also the closest to home].

Hmmm, I knew where I wanted to go! I didn’t though. In retrospect I can thank the Heavens for that.

The colleague and friends that I was supposed to go out with, commenced their club hopping night at …

You guessed it.

The Dodgy Pub.


After hearing about their evening; I realised that that was Blondie and I all over again how-ever-many-years-ago.

Thank, but no thanks.