sexy stripper

It was a day of unexpected connections to the past. Some pleasant [hello return of The Stripper] and some not so day-making [we’ll get to that].

On Saturday afternoon Angel hosted a bring and braai for 20 of her closest friends; an event I naturally had to supervise, never mind that I had plans of my own. Oh wait, what am I talking about – other than laundry [Star went on strike this weekend] – I had nothing and no-one to keep me busy on Saturday afternoon so I was only too happy to use the time to sit in the sun and catch up on the rays.

Much to my dismay, Angel had invited Blondie’s daughter to the gathering. I had hoped that Blondie would do a drop and run – but no such luck. She of course used the opportunity to visit me and catch up on what’s going on in my life. Unfortunately for her, I had already given my all to my blog, and so there was nothing left to tell and I certainly wasn’t going to inform her about the Liam and the One Date Saga. That would delight her far too much and I wasn’t about to make her day at my expense.

So after “oh the usual, nothing much, just work and gym” she got the hint that my life was still as boring as when she’d last seen me and she said that she would quickly head to the pool area to say goodbye to her daughter and would then be on her way home.


I’m just so over the “let’s sit and gossip about everyone we know including you so that I can tattle these tales to my other friends and we can have a good snigger” friendships. I certainly won’t be rude or nasty to Blondie, but she and I have what I would define as a “toxic relationship” and ain’t nobody got time for dat!

After Blondie left I quickly went over to Mimi, Whatsapping her from the safety of her front door because I could hear the TV on, and I had the distinct feeling that despite the plethora of people living in that unit, that it was Liam himself downstairs instead of his bedroom upstairs studying where he usually is; and I didn’t want to start my day with any awkwardness. We haven’t seen each other since The Kiss at the end of the First and Last Date and I’d like to keep that distance for now.

Unfortunately she wasn’t replying to my messages, so I was left with two options: knock or go.

I elected the latter and left.

Good thing too, I heard from Mimi later that it was Liam downstairs. Alone. Instincts still working – good!

I headed towards the swimming pool area in order to commence my sunning [gotta make hay whilst the sun still shines!] and supervising.

Naturally I had to pass The Stripper’s unit in order to get there. Although for the past few months this hasn’t exactly been the treat it used to be, as since his girlfriend fell pregnant, he fell from grace by dying his hair black, cutting it into a mullet; changing his dress sense from swimming shorts and no shirt, to boring work clothes and then the glasses. Usually I have a thing for guys in glasses – but on The Stripper – not.

The ladies [young and old] of the complex have conferred and we can only agree that his baby mama must have enforced a nine month hottie ban on him to prevent the women [and men – my ex-colleague 2IC was a fellow ogler] perving at him.  Whilst none of us [ok, I can only speak for myself and my eighty something year old neighbour] have evil intentions with the young man; he has been the resident hottie for many years and we are lost without the eye candy!

So there I was in my blue flowery dress with a spring in my step. As I neared The Strippers unit, I noticed that not only was he outside in his parking bay – but that he was looking rather fine.  The hair was back to brown and the awful mullet was gone.  I was also pleased to see him in shorts and a vest [wait til word gets out that The Stripper has regained his Hotness title!] … although I would’ve been happier had he been topless, but I supposed I can’t have it all.


He was standing next to his motorbike revving it, obviously flexing biceps and triceps whilst doing so. Not to impress the girls as I’m sure was his previous modus operandi, but because his 3 year old son was loving it. With every roar of the bike, his son would scream in excitement. It was actually a gorgeous sight!

Walking by, I waved and greeted them, cos I’m a friendly neighbour like that.

Hi boys.

Come see my dads big motorbike! said the little one

Oooh I can see your dad’s motorbike! It’s big hey!

The Stripper smiled at that – I can definitely see how he managed to purchase a BMW 1 Series on his tips. My knees went weak and if I had money on me, chances are I’d have thrown notes at him. Instead I merely blushed and continued walking.

I got play dough! He shouted, offering up a bucket lumbered with multi-coloured dough.


Will you look after it for me? 

[oh my god, does he train his kid to say these things???]

Noooo. I better not. I like play dough a lot, so I might not want to give it back. So best you keep it, m’kay?

I didn’t not even look after I said that … I’m sure father and son got the message.

A few hours later I was sitting on the grass in the pool area, supervising Angel’s bring and braai. [Blondie, Star and I took shifts – yup Blondie never left the complex] I sat where I could see all the kids, and I could also see the gate should any of the parents arrive to fetch their preteen.

Suddenly I saw a car drive past the gate, slowly. I immediately recognised the shape and colour of the vehicle; especially since the wheels are custom painted; and then the license plate confirmed it.

What the fuck is he doing in the complex? MY complex???