Now before I reveal the identity of the trespasser I must advise that I changed my cellphone number a few months ago. Last October my contract expired and when my exBFM informed me in December that he wanted to cancel the contract, I moved over to prepaid at the beginning of January. However, for the purposes of Whatapping, I retained my original phone number … and only the select few were provided me new phone number in order to call me.

During February, I received a message from Deveroux. The one who got away. We had a bad break-up – mostly because we still loved each other deeply, and there were unresolved issued. So years after the split there was still awkwardness between us, until last year when we started bumping into each other regularly in the hood.

I was thrilled that we could be friends again, as that is how we started, nearly 30 years ago.  The waving at each other in traffic led to seeing each other in the grocery store and this further led to him sending me messages via Whatsapp again.

So his first message was to let me know that his phone broke in December and it had since been repaired and he wanted to inform me thereof in case I had been trying to get hold of him [As if. I’ve replied to his messages, but I had never sent one on my own accord]. This gave him the opening for a long chat. Lasting several hours, and if I’m not mistaken a bit of flirting too.

It was after 23h00 by the time we concluded our chit-chat, with a promise to catch up again soon. Lying in bed that night, I gave myself a slap. What the fuck are you thinking Harmony! You should know where this leads, you’ve been down this road and it only has two routes.

1. You guys flirt innocently, but nothing ever comes of it. So what’s the point?

2. You guys flirt – not so innocently – it leads to you guys getting back together, with the inevitable break-up to follow. And tears. Lots and lots of tears. So what’s the point?

As Deveroux is not someone I can be mean to, I didn’t have the heart to callously block him on Whatsapp and so elected the next best option. To unceremoniously change the number on Whatsapp to my new phone number … and not inform him [and a few others] accordingly. That way he wouldn’t be able to contact me again, but not feel like I personally blocked him [gulp – I’m too nice].

It has been quiet on the Deveroux front ever since. Now that I take Mimi’s son [E] to school, I have to leave home a bit earlier in the mornings and thus I haven’t seen Deveroux in traffic around the school, as he usually gets there just before the bell rings. Strangely he hasn’t been at the grocery store or bottle store at the same time as me.

All clear! Yay!

Until Saturday. There was his very distinctive car driving in my complex, past the pool!!! I know for a fact that he doesn’t know anyone residing in my complex; and since we broke up how many eons ago, he has had no reason to be there.

Mood ruined. Panic attack on alert. It does not bode well for my control-freakish ways to have an ex-boyfriend driving around my complex unannounced!

A Whatsapp alert!

Onslaught of nausea.

Hey Bokkie. I just saw Dev driving in the complex. What is he doing here?

Dunno. Just saw him too.

Trust Blondie, who was still frequenting old neighbours in the complex, to have her eyes peeled and further to immediately notify me of her findings and attempt to fish for more information.


So I remained seated on the grass, my eyes absolutely stuck on the gate awaiting Deveroux’s impending entrance.