Last night I had what I hope was my final conversation regarding Liam.

It started with his sister-in-law assuming that I was going to be waiting around for him to work through his issues and thereafter welcoming him back with open arms once he comes crawling; apologising for his stupidity and finally ready to be in a relationship. [What do I look like, desperate?]

Once I stopped laughing and was able to pick myself up from the floor and wipe the dribble from my chin, I responded.

Um no. That ain’t never gonna happen.

I informed the ladies know that I had already let go; which means that I am over Liam, and I not interested in him whatsoever. I am certainly not going to put my life on hold for him, or any other man for that matter. They must be confusing me with the old Harmony – certainly not the new and improved 2014 version.

They were pretty flummoxed by my declaration, stating that I have been the only one standing up for him this week and therefore they assumed that my feelings for him ran deep. I very quickly put them in their place; in that my attitude has nothing to do with any feelings I may or may not have had for Liam; this is based on feelings I have for myself.

I do not need Liam or any other man in my life. I was doing just fine before I met him; and whilst I certainly had fun with him around; life is just as grand since his unexpected departure. Seriously, other than than the short fit of anger brought on by shock on Monday afternoon; I have had no emotional response to this situation and I certainly haven’t shed any tears.

I’m done. It’s over.

I also told Mimi that due to the family misinterpreting my caring for something more, I will no longer entertain discussions about him.Β  If they choose to continue applying tough love to him then so be it. It’s not my job to fight for his rights and quite frankly I was just trying to get them to see things from his point of view; but they seem blinded by their own desires of him and I being together, and not his own on healing from the emotional trauma he has experienced.

This morning I received a message from Mimi thanking me for being such a good friend, confident and daughter. [Hahaha!] She had a heart to heart with Liam last night and assured him of her love and support and that she would encourage the family to do the same. He queried the sudden turn around and she admitted that it was due to my insisting that they be nice to him.

You see Ma, she’s just too good to be true.

Now ain’t that the truth!