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1335221454239_7041905 This morning Mimi called me, inviting me out for lunch. I explained that with only 30 minutes at my disposal, it really wasn’t worth my while going anyway, because upon arrival, I would have to depart again for the office.  She then suggested dinner, saying that she would like to take me out for something to eat and perhaps a drink.

Taking into consideration that she had extended an invitation to me last night to join her at a show at the casino this weekend; my curiosity was heightened as to the sudden interest in spoiling me. Especially considering recent events.

After confirming via the telephone call, we continued our chat on Whatapp and she asked me not to say anything as she would tell her hubby later. I asked her who I would have to tell, and assured her that my lips were sealed.  She laughed, I mean LOL’ed and said that I mustn’t say anything to Pope [the name we gave L] either.

So I was like … hmmm … actually we need to talk about that. And she was like … what do you mean? And I was like … actually Liam and I aren’t talking … and she was like … WTF are you talking about, I heard you had the perfect date? What’s going on? And I was like … exactly, it was awesome and now it’s not. And she was like … I don’t understand. And I was like … lemme forward you the message and see if you can make sense of it.

Ah … she said, with the proverbial pennies dropping on her side … now things are starting to making sense.

She said that she had some following up to do and would revert after discreet discussions with various family members.

So here’s the story:

Liam’s ex-fiance got engaged. To the guy that she cheated on Liam with. When he saw her on Saturday to fetch and drop off their daughter, she didn’t say anything about it; and when he went to fetch the little one on Sunday she just didn’t pitch up at their meeting place [she refuses to disclose where they live and so he has to fetch and drop off their daughter in a public place.]

Yesterday he found out that she got engaged over the weekend [whilst we were on our First Date?] and he was very hurt / pissed off that he had to find out this way instead of her telling him herself. Which I can totally understand, I would be more than livid if Angel’s father got engaged and neglected to tell me.

Mimi says he is not handling the news well, especially as this affects his daughter and since they split – no formal agreement was put in place regarding maintenance and visitation rights – with all demands / requests coming from baby mama’s side at her whim.

This bit of information I already knew, as he had told me; and I had actually asked Liam on Saturday night if he was going to take her to court in order to ascertain his rights as her father and to be granted proper visitation rights etc.  He said that he didn’t want to rock the boat and would wait for her to get older before doing anything drastic.

He assured me there was no baby mama drama, and wasn’t going to be any; and I make it clear that I ain’t signing up for no baby mama drama. Been there done that, got the T-shirt and gave it back to my ex-fiance when I could no longer take the shit. I know this sounds terribly selfish, but I didn’t and still don’t have drama with my children’s father’s so why should I put up with drama with someone else’s child’s other parent. Uh-uh. No can do.

However, it appears that with this latest development there is going to be baby mama drama after all [even Mimi is now encouraging him to take her to court] and Liam has wisely elected not to put me in the middle of it. I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t tell me everything yesterday, because then instead of questioning myself and my sanity, I’d at least have known that it wasn’t me!

The family are now pissed off with him; and are in no uncertain terms telling him that he’s lost the best thing he’ll never have [just what I told Goddess yesterday]; his sister-in-law is currently fighting with him, telling him that it’s time to move on and get over it; the uncle has choice words; family friends are even climbing on the band wagon. Wow – news certainly does travel and who knew this was such a big deal!

Mimi has told me that as much as I feel sorry for him, I must not give him the time of day as he needs to learn his learn and be punished. Hahaha! Poor guy. But no fear, I won’t be contacting him.

Ironically I seem to be the only person who gets it. I know how you can think you’re over a person and ready to start a new relationship and then news / contact rocks that certainty and you’re back to square one. So I can hardly be angry with him, and I’m not at all. I have the deepest sympathy for what he is going through and the battle he has ahead and I am just also relieved to find that he still is the good guy I thought him to be.

He’s just not the guy for me.