letting go

Thanks to Ford and ABSA I missed my Zumba class, but I decided to still go to gym and work off the pent up frustrations from the many losses of the day.

Forty minutes on the treadmill listening to my awesome playlist on my BB via earphones did me the world of good, and by the time I returned home after 19h00 I felt so much better.

To improve my mood even further I had a three hour long bath, using up all the hot water in the geyser, whilst drafting my Monday Mockery post on my phone.

Whilst submerged in the deep tub, I received a message from Mimi. I hadn’t heard from her during the day and had assumed it was due to Liam having notified her of his Dear Joan letter to me. However, based on her tone, she seemed to know nothing of the sort, and I wasn’t going to bring it up. Let him tell his mother what he did. Bastard.

She apologised for being so busy as work and not chatting with me; and said that she would like to take me out to a show at Emperors Palace on Sunday afternoon to make up for it.  I agreed, and our date was set.

Once all communications were concluded, I was left alone with my thoughts; and of course they returned to Liam’s message; with me questioning everything I said on Saturday night during The First [and last] Date.

Was it the knife waving incident  that frightened him off? Was it my admission at being a control freak? Was it my brazen Do’s and Don’ts list that he found a tad demanding?

Thy shalt not lie to me

Thy shalt not cheat on me

Thy shalt never hit me

Thy shalt not involve me in baby mama drama

Thy shalt always be punctual

How do you whisper to someone “… sealed with a kiss …” referring to the “relationship” that you are apparently not ready for a mere 48 hours later? Something just wasn’t adding up and I did not for one minute believe the excuse of being “super busy”. What kak!

I knew he was busy with exams and moving offices and I had made NO demands on his time whatsoever and I was definitely not in a hurry to see him every day any way. I wanted to take it sloooow. Nope, I definitely wasn’t getting the full story.

So I decided to just let go. There is no point in holding onto anger in a situation I have no control over and it’s not like I had developed lovey-dovey feelings for him as yet; so the best thing to do was just accept his decision; shrug it off and move on. Clearly it was not meant to be and The Universe has something better lined up for me.



I inadvertently stumbled on the truth this morning.

It helps when you’re besties with your former date’s mother.