So yesterday I lost Gareth, and Feisty Fiesta cost me an arm and a leg; but at least I had Liam to cheer me up. During the morning he did just that by sending me quite a few messages and we chatted and laughed a bit through the day – more than usual as he usually has his phone off at work so it was a pleasant surprise to be entertained by him.


You’ve been soooo sweet… I seriously don’t know what to say… I just don’t know what to say… I feel that I owe you more than what I am giving you already, I actually came to the toilet to type this message. I also wouldn’t be able to do it face to face. I want you to know that the company was lovely and I wouldn’t mind chilling with you again. I just don’t think you deserve half hearted company.  I am just super busy most of the time and I don’t think I am ready for a relationship. I am just being 100 perfect honest. I am not saying you feel like being in a relationship… I am just saying if you ready… I am also not saying we can’t enjoy one anothers company. I think we make a cool team. *wink face* like Saturday. Thanks for everything again was lovely.