My first reaction to Liam’s message was shock. Where the hell did that come from?

HE has been the one going on about wanting to be in a serious relationship, I’ve said no such thing at any time. Every conversation we have had includes him telling me that he is looking to settle down; doesn’t want anything casual blah blah blah. I still went back to read our Whatsapp history in case I have completely lost the plot and misinterpreted everything we discussed. Nope, he has been very clear in his intentions.

HE has been the one chasing after me – for months, even at his own admission; and once I finally relent and go on a [seemingly very successful] date with him; this is what I get in return??? It took me a year; exactly three hundred and sixty five fucking days to work through my issues and build up the courage in order to trust a man enough to go out with him; and this is the result???

Once the shock wore off – because let’s admit it, that came out of left field – I was angry. Hell, I was spitting mad.

Poor Goddess was inundated with fiery messages, littered with fuck, the fucker, what the fuck and other terms with fuck in them. Liam however, received a message befitting the lady he has been messaging, wanting to be in a relationship with, took out on a date; and not the woman scorned who was highly pissed off with his sudden turn-around.

Listen Just Liam, don’t stress … You don’t owe me anything; anything I do is because I want to and I have no expectations from you. I enjoy your company, I like chatting with you you, whether in person or via whatsapp, you make me laugh and we have a lot in common so it’s been cool. Thanks for being honest with me. I really appreciate that as I don’t like being messed around or being toyed with like a yo-yo.

But what I really meant was …

[You asshole! You don’t know what to say? You don’t know what to say???? You’ve had plenty to say every time you’ve met up with me and even on whatsapp – in fact I can’t get you to shut up, now you don’t know what to say? And as for not being able to face this to my face. What the fuck? You had no problem kissing my face on Saturday night. Not once, not twice but three times; but now you can’t face me to tell me that you’re doing an about face on everything you’ve said to me. And you still want to chill with me? What the fuck? If you are looking for a companion, get a dog!]

and that’s why I think you soooo cool Harmony, there is one thing I will never do and that is lie to you … You really are one of a kind. I do hope I can have a cup … soon.

That will be awesome.

[go fuck yourself]

That was the final correspondence between Liam and I and I don’t suppose it helped that he sent me that message just after receiving the quote from Ford and so I was already in a foul mood with Monday making a mockery of me. And then I still had to deal with Ford and ABSA and all that shit.

Yesterday was just not my day. *sad face*