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couple in car

Oh please kiss me, please kiss me.

I begged with my eyes.

We’d enjoyed a perfect dinner – our food was absolutely divine, the drinks splendid, the conversation flowing smoother than the alcohol – and other than the brief journey into the depths of hell – the evening couldn’t have gone better.

All that was missing was a First Kiss after the perfect First Date to ascertain whether there existed physical connection to compliment our budding friendship.

Instead of Liam leaning in to kiss me [dammit], he continued chatting.

Harmony, that was the most perfect date I’ve ever been on. In fact this has been one of the best nights of my life.

Hmmm, yes it was nice. [kiss me already!]

I would really like to see you again, can I take you out on another date … soon?

Yes sure, that would be lovely [kiss me now!]

Seriously, you are such good company and I don’t want tonight to end.

Me neither [so maybe if you just kiss me …]

I never stopped thinking about you since I first saw you in your garden all those months ago.

Oh, how sweet [kiss me man!]

And then one day I saw an elderly man there putting up blinds and assumed it was your husband.

Hahaha – that was my dad! [ok, this is a mood killer]

Hahaha I didn’t know that!  I told my uncle that the perfect woman I had seen was definitely taken.

Awww Liam. [time for that kiss, quickly]

And now I can’t believe she’s sitting in my car.

I know hey, who’d have thought. [kiss. me. now. or. lose. me. forever]

An hour later we will still sitting in his car, and he was still singing my praises; and whilst I’m all for compliments and the feel good mushy feelings it brings forth; I just wanted to be kissed. Making it worse was the fact that when Liam is not smiling and instead talking rather seriously – as he was by this stage – his lips pout and make for the most kissable mouth. And I wanted those lips against mine!


Yes Liam?

I like your crazy weird ways.

Hahaha. That’s a first, most guys want to have me committed.

Whaat? Seriously, one of the best things about you is that you speak your mind.

[not always. I’d be begging you to kiss me if I was really that open] Hmmm, really?

Even if it means waving a knife around in threat if I’m ever late! [um, yes apparently I did that in the restaurant when issuing him with a do’s and don’ts list]

Hahaha – sorry about that, I forgot I was armed and dangerous! I hope I didn’t scare you!



I’m not scared.

Oh my god he’s also not sitting on the other side of the car any more. Oh my god his face is right in front of mine! How did he get here? Shit, I can’t breathe. What do I do, what do I do?