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couple in bar

Let’s go to the pub that your mom and I went to on Thursday night!

Big mistake!

Let’s just say that the clientele this pub slash pool hall caters for on a Thursday evening has a very different target market on a Saturday night.

First of all everyone was dressed in black. From head to toe – including their hair.  Now I am well-inked, sporting nine tattoos – however that was small fry compared to the lot in attendance who were covered in grim-looking tattoos. I’m not easily intimated, but I did not feel comfortable, nor safe in the bar but was trying my best to act cool.

As for the music – heavier than heavy metal, which is really not my scene and so I kept apologising to Liam for bringing him to such a hellhole [we’d have been better off at The Dodge pub – a place I haven’t frequented in years].

Liam seemed comfortable enough and didn’t complain, however after one drink I asked if we could rather leave as I my head was pounding from the loud music and dressed as I was, I really felt like a fish out of water.

I couldn’t run down the stairs fast enough and was only too happy when Liam opened the passenger door for me to retreat into the safety of his car.

Again I kept apologising and asked him not to judge me on what he had just witnessed.  He more shocked that his mother had spent an evening there, however I assured him that it was 1000 times tamer on a Thursday night and I would never have subjected his mother to what we had just experienced.

We laughed it off, noting that we had made our grand escape at the stroke of midnight.

All too soon he had parked his car in his carport; and just as the engine quietened with the turning off of the ignition, so did the conversation.

Instead of climbing out the car, as would be expected at the end of a date, Liam turned in his seat to face me and I mirrored his moves.