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Saturday Night

18:38 : Liam :  Hi there … Monroe *wink face*
18:40 : Liam : I am suuuuper done. Just tell me when you are ready

18:40 : Harmony : Hi … Just Liam
18:43 : Harmony : And I am ready *shy face*

18:45 : Liam : Ok here I go

18:45 : Harmony : Ok … *shy face*

I had earlier requested that Liam NOT fetch me from my front door and to rather let me know when he was parked outside my gate. As much as I appreciate the gentlemanly gesture of him wanting to escort me from my front door to his car, Star was home at the time and I didn’t want him to get wind of the “seriousness” of the evening. As far as Star was aware, I was just going out for a bite to eat with my buddy Liam.

As is custom with Harmony, I was dressed to the nines; in a champagne lace and netting dress; paired with my taupe heels and pearls deluxe. Oh heck. Here’s a picture of me in all my finery. [one of my readers will recognise this as the outfit I wore on New Years Eve].


When I got into Liam’s limo his eyeballs almost popped out. After complimenting me on how beautiful I looked *blush* he made mention of the fact that I am always dressed up. He said that even when I’m hanging out laundry [stalker] I am well-dressed and asked if there is ever a time that I wear casual clothing, as he would love to see what I look like without being done up.  So I replied that the only time I dress down is when I am in bed. That shut him up. Quickly.

I was pleased to see that he had also taken the effort to dress up, and was wearing a suit. Good boy man. He also smelled delicious and that is always a bonus for me. He’d also had his hair cut and was clean shaven; so we were off to a good start! [you know how I am with grooming – big priority!]

There usually isn’t parking available on the restaurant’s premises, and one has to park across the road in a parking lot. However, Lady Luck was on our side and the security guard on duty advised that there was a parking inside … and it happened to be right outside the front door. Yay! More good luck.

Liam alighted the vehicle and came around to open my car door. Another act which I highly appreciate. I may be a modern woman but I do like men treating me like a lady. And this trait of his was evident again when he pulled my chair out for me on arriving at our table; which was conveniently place in slightly darkened private corner.

The waiter handed us our menu’s, as well as the wine menu – and Liam said that I could suggest a wine. Not wanting to get drunk on our first date, I told him that I would prefer to stick to Storm; and so he said that he would drink the same. Sweet!

Several Storms and visits from the waiter later, we still hadn’t ordered dinner as we were too busy chatting, as usual.  By 20h30 I was starving and suggested that we consult the menu. Due to the lighting [great for romance, terrible for trying to read the menu with my fading eyesight] I had no choice but to dig into my Guess handbag for my Clark Kent reading glasses.  I really felt like an old woman at that moment, remembering that he was still in his 20’s and had a long way to go before battling to read the small print of a bloody menu. Nevertheless, despite my blushing, he was full of compliments.

As everything on the extensive menu is good, Liam asked me to suggest something for him to order; noting that he eats anything and everything.  As I cannot eat red meat and so the chances of him eating any in my house [if we ever get to that] are slim to none; I figured he might as well eat as much meat as he can when out; and therefore ordered him a fillet steak. When it came it smelled so good I could resist having a small bite. God I miss red meat.

I ordered twelve medium prawns and enjoyed them with liberal pourings of peri-peri and lemon and herb butter sauces. The meat fell out of their shells and just melted in my mouth – absolutely mouth-watering delicious!

We were both stuffed after dinner and too full for dessert. What a shame, as their desserts are also fabulous – so we, no he decided that we should have a round of shooters instead. And of course one round of shooters leads to another and yet another. After several blow jobs and french kisses [highly embarrassing to have to order on a first date] the waiter came to announce that the kitchen was closed and hinted that he too would like to depart.

We looked around the restaurant and noticed that we were the last people, besides staff, still there.  However, I were nowhere near ready to call an end to the First Date – it was going so well and we were enjoying each others company far too much to call it a night.

And so I made a bold suggestion …