I returned home from the mall a while ago. There was a pair of boots that I just had to have. I’d been eyeing them out for several weeks and even went so far as to try them on. I was loathe to part with my hard earned cash to possess them, but decided that if on my return to the store after payday that they still had my size in stock – no small feat (pardon the pun) I would buy them.

Lo and behold, they had one pair of size 3 available, so I slid my feet into them, zipped them up my calf and walked around the shop staring in the mirrors around me. Yup, I have to have them.

I went to the counter to pay and when I opened my bag (chill – Elle Vietijie was still there) I noticed a gift card for another mall that Star had given me in exchange for its cash value.

Taking a chance, I asked the sales lady if there was any possibility I could use it at their store.

*holding thumbs*

Lo and behold, tis Harmony’s lucky day! (Note to self: buy a Lotto ticket)

The lady confirmed that I could use the card and so I decided to splurge by using up the full value.

I got my gorgeous boots (pics to follow) and I also bought two black tops; one is a tight lycra vest and the other is a dance-style knitted crop top to wear over it. Since the tops were on sale, I still had a credit and so purchased a necklace that perfectly matches the dress I’ll be wearing for The Date tonight.

*happy days*

But as I was saying … I arrived home to find Liam’s uncle (Mimi’s younger brother) washing Liam’s car. Two hours later he is still at it, polishing the rims. Hahaha! Mimi told me that the uncle (who’s actuazlly younger than L) was given strict instructions to have the car spic and span for The Date.

I also spent a bit of time with Liam’s daughter this afternoon … I went to take Mimi’s younger daughter to a party down the road, and the little madam was very insistent on coming with for the drive. I think she sees me as a grown-up Barbie doll because she enamored by my outfits, shoes, jewelry and hair accessories. Too sweet – after staring for a while, she likes to reach over and feel the material or hold the pendant.

And speaking of Mister L. We chatted for several hours on Whatsapp last night and he said a few things that made me very relieved that I didn’t allow The Email to derail The Date. We chatted today too; he missed his dentist appointment – much to my delight – and he is currently taking a nap as he was up at 05h00 for work this morning.

As for me, I’m off to Nina quickly. She says she has a surprise for me … And I have a feeling it’s my friend Grace out from the UK. That would be an awesome surprise, although I won’t be able to stay long. I must be home at 17h00 to start getting ready.

Wish me luck!