bar ladies

I am feeling a bit tender today.  Too many Storms and too little sleep will do that to you.

All Mimi’s fault, of course. She had to meet with a client and then we were going to have a few drinks, with a view of an early night.  Let’s just say five hours in the pub does not constitute a timid night! I didn’t even know what time I arrived home last night until Liam made mention of it in a Whatsapp message to me this morning. And it wasn’t his mother’s arrival home that alerted him to our home coming … oh no … it was a good night message from me after crawling into bed. *blush*

Ja, so much for his ban on no talking; accordingly to my Whatsapp records, we chatting up quite a Storm last night. Note to self: alcohol and texting don’t mix. I say wayyyyy to much, and I’m not just referring to the verbosity of my messages, but rather their content *blush* Oh well, accordingly to Mimi he just adores that I’m so open and honest with him and finds it refreshing to meet a girl who doesn’t hide her feelings. Hahahaha poor guy doesn’t know what he’s in for.

Anyway, not only does Liam have work and a dentist appointment on Saturday, a birdie told me he made a 07h00 appointment at his hair salon so as to look his best for The Date. He asked me last night whether he should make a booking at the restaurant and I told him that out of a fear that we would be turned away and would have to resort to a date at McDonalds, I had already done so.

Mimi said nothing to him this morning about our evening out, and apparently he was dying to know all about it.; especially as we had been out a lot longer than planned. Eventually he broke the ice and asked her; and all she would say was great – refusing to give any further details.  Nevertheless, it was great. Mimi is awesome company and other than The Email [as much as I wanted to unload on her as my friend; as my prospective Date’s mother – it would not have been appropriate] we spoke about all and sundry!

So one more sleep until The Date … and other than the small blip that sent me off the rails for a few hours … I’m back on track and really looking forward to it.