woman on phone

I got up from the desk, not wanting the Dirty Cop to overhear my conversation.

Harmony, hello?

Hi Harmony, this is Sales Lady from Mr Price. I just wanted to let you know that we found your purse.

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I’m on my way!

The Security Manager said that I should remain in his office [I think that he was worried I was going to break my neck – or a heel – running across the concourse once again] and he would go to Mr Price to retrieve Elle Vietjie.

The Dirty Cop then asked if I was going to go ahead with my statement and lay charges against The Accused or whether I was going to drop them now that I was about to be reunited with EV.

I told him that my decision was dependent on the condition and contents of my purse; if everything was in order and nothing missing, I wouldn’t be laying charges; however if so much as a receipt or Lotto ticket was not in its rightful place, The Accused would be going to jail.

Finally the Security Manager returned and handed over Elle Vietjie, saying that it had been found in the very spot it had been taken; and where both myself and my posse of guards had previously searched.

Holding my breath I opened her up and flicked through the compartments.

ID book. Check

Drivers license. Check

Gym card. Check

Bank card. Check

Lotto tickets. Check

Credo. Check

Letters from Angel. Check

I wiped the sweat from my brow with the return of my life!

Gentleman. We are done here.

The Dirty Cop and his accomplices partners packed away the dockets and had me sign his OB book stating that I was not laying charges. However the more senior cop decided to take The Accused to the police station and caution her.  Her photo was also taken by the mall security and she is now banned from ever entering the center. Should she return to the mall, she will be arrested for trespassing.

When the police finally left with The Accused, I sat with the Security Manager for another cup of coffee before my final walk to the other side of the mall where I had parked.  He escorted me to my car and then waiting for me at the boom to permit me free egress. It’s the least they could do for all my troubles.

And how was how I wasted three hours on Saturday afternoon. Thank ye gods Krishna had completed chipping and chopping in the upstairs bathroom by the time I returned home; otherwise there’d sure to have been another visit from the cops.