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Before I begin my woeful tale of cops and robbers [I could run a series in this regard], I have to reveal something Mimi just told me.

Late last night she needed to do an invoice for her husband and asked Liam if she could use his laptop to do so.Β  After emailing the invoice to her hubby’s boss, she decided to check out Liam’s browsing history [what a nosy mother! says she who does the same …]

So astounding and surprising was the sight, that she had no choice but to confront him on his internet usage.

My son, why are googling Marilyn Monroe like there is no tomorrow?

Ma, it’s Harmony’s idol so I wanted to make sure I know enough about her to have a conversation with Harmony about her.

Awwww. Now that has my day!


However, as much as I love receiving inside info from her, I reminded her that she must refrain from this practice and especially not to let him know what she tells me … her response:

I will never let him know that we chatting so much. Only on your wedding day. Lol. You just so warm and kind-hearted and so much like you are already part of us.

Hahahaha! Mimi the Mother-in-Law already has us married off and we haven’t even had our first date yet! Wow, I don’t feel pressured at all.

Sjoe … I had to send her a quick reminder that she and I were friends first, and that irrespective of what may or may not transpire between her son and I; that we would retain our friendship.

Anyway, let’s go back to the fact that Liam was googling Marilyn because she’s so important to me.

Awwww. How sweet!