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It just wouldn’t be a wicked weekend without being surrounded by security officers and policemen.

Yup. Deja vu.

And even worse. I recognised the cop taking my statement. From one of my previous encounters.


But we’ll get to that later; I prefer to focus on the positive … and despite the distressing events that occurred in the middle of the long weekend, it ended on a high … being walked home by a gentleman.

And I mean gentleman in the true sense. Liam walked me home last night, without trying to get into my house or my pants. Even though he has been nothing but chivalrous since we’ve met, I keep waiting for his guard to drop and the typical man to emerge.

I guess I’ve dated too many frogs dogs to believe that a man can be genuinely noble.

We stood by the front door talking whilst I unlocked the door. In fact, we stood chatting so long [as though we hadn’t just spent three hours in each others company] that I had to take a seat on the sleeper couch on the veranda.

[it would’ve been even more romantic had I a wooden swing ala-Revenge.]

Despite us knowing so much about each other [thanks to Mimi who apparently still talks about me non stop despite him requesting that she cease from doing so as he wants to get to know about me from me]; we don’t run out of anything to talk about or experience any uncomfortable silences.

Our first conversation last week was about music;  the second, movies and food; yesterday evenings topic …


Music was an important one and when your life revolves around music as much as mine does; and especially with playlists as varied as mine, it is vitally important to vet any prospective suitors in this regard. Imagine me dating a guy who listens to heavy metal or jazz and hated Justin Bieber. Match made in hell! Anyway, Liam received a Grammy for his love of good music.

With my fussy eating habits served with a side of IBS and red meat intolerance; food is another topic which got priority.

But I certainly wasn’t expecting past relationships to make their appearance as yet. Although it’s definitely a conversation that needs to be had, it is nevertheless one that makes me very uncomfortable.

Especially when I discovered that I have had more fiancés than Liam has had girlfriends. Seriously.

He has had two girlfriends in his 29 years on earth. His high school sweetheart; they broke up in his early 20’s when he found her with another man.

His second relationship was with his now ex-fiancé … they split two years ago due to an interfering mother [hers, not his] and she was seeing her old high school sweetheart behind his back.

That being said, he has a cordial relationship with his ex; there is no drama whatsoever [thank ye gods, because baby mama drama would have me running for the hills] and his priority is ensuring that their daughter has two stable homes.

He has again reiterated that he is not looking for a casual relationship and wants to meet a woman with whom he can settle down and marry [cough choke] and that I am the first woman he has met in two years that he has even been interested in enough to go on a date with.

I asked him if his interest in me lay in his mother’s insistence and good references and he admitted that he had his eye on me long before he even met at his mother’s place a few weeks ago. Apparently he saw me in December in my garden hanging out laundry [domestic goddess] and also told his uncle that he had just seen the most beautiful woman [blush] ever … but assumed me to be married.

Hahahaha! He also didn’t know at the time that I was Star’s mother and it was only when I was introduced to him when visiting Mimi that all the pieces fell into place and he realised that not only was I was the woman he had been admiring in the garden, but I was the mother of a kid that he’s known [and liked – bonus] for years.

Liam has admitted, that although very comfortable with me; he is very nervous for our First Date on Saturday night. And yes, the way he talks about the First Date, it is definitely worthy of capitalization … Mimi told me that he is hoping that this will be his last First Date.

Hey, no pressure.

I’m not nervous at all, and am really looking forward to spending time with him over good food and a couple of drinks – and away from our respective families and complex. Also, I plan to dazzle him with a fabulous outfit! [my most feminine 50’s dress accessorized with pearls]

And just to really build up the suspense, Liam has suggested that we don’t see or speak to each other until then …

When he suggested this, I’ll admit to being quite taken aback, and with my paranoid insecurities and history with men, thought he just wasn’t all that interested …

Until he said …

Just think, when I arrive to fetch you on Saturday night, and we see each other for the first time … it will be like …

A smile and a sigh finished that sentence and I was sold.

When he finally left my garden last night it wasn’t with a kiss or a hug in parting, instead he whispered,

Six more sleeps

I won’t lie. I’m still giddy.