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On Monday morning Boss Lady and I attended a breakfast meeting with our industry regulatory body and competitors.  She was there for the meeting, I tagged along for the breakfast.

I was nominated by one of the members to serve on the committee – I don’t think BL was too impressed as she had volunteered her services already.  I declined the position – why on earth would I take on additional work for which I receive no remuneration or any other benefit?

I usually cover my tattoos when I attend these indabas or even meetings with clients; as whilst BL doesn’t have a problem with me showing off my body and ink in the office, it is frowned upon to do so in public. However, I had forgotten that we had the conference on Monday morning and so rocked up in my usual sleeveless 50’s wiggle dress.

Instead of the expected raised eyebrows and tut tuts; I was actually inundated with compliments for Marilyn! One of the facilitators even asked why I’ve been covering her up all these years and urged me to show her off.  Another rather friendly attendee sidled up to me once we had taken our seats in the conference room and proceeded to caress Ms Monroe. Highly inappropriate – since she is attached to my arm!

Nevertheless, the food was good and it was a morning out of the office which is always a bonus. Not so much all the work I’ve been trying to catch up on … but that’s what assistants are for. *evil grin* Speaking of which, my Ass is great, he takes instruction well, is learning fast and doesn’t bitch when I give him the crappy work to do.

Work remains up and down with the good days and bad, but at least I’ve started getting my CV circulated again. I cannot continue bitching about my job, it’s gotten rather monotonous – even for me.

On the personal side … life is great and I am very happy.

Angel is still giving me her adolescent attitude, but I’m developing a thick skin to deal with it because I reckon I have several years of Ms Thang ahead of me.  Star goes for his driving license test on Monday – so all prayers and positive thoughts that he passes!

I have my small group of fabulous friends: Goddess with whom I have my regular outings; including dinners, drinks and shows … with even grander expeditions being planned! Nina, my drinking pool partner and fellow Scouting Mother-in-Arms; and of course Mimi, my daily gossip-monging match-matching neighbour.

And then there’s Liam. A very unexpected and pleasant development in my life. I finally agreed to meet him more out of pressure from his mother than actual desire to do so on my own accord, as I didn’t think we would actually have much in common or have a mutual attraction.

He is not at all my type, if I look at previous beau’s. He doesn’t have the hot physique of Fabian; but then neither does he share fuckheads drug problem and aggression. Liam is very mild-mannered and gentle in his demeanor – whereas I am more used to the rough and tough guys.

He may not be drop-gorgeous like [S] and Deveroux; but he always doesn’t have their relationship / commitment issues. Whilst we have both agreed to take this very slowly and develop our friendship before getting into anything physical or otherwise serious; he has made it clear that he is not interested in a casual relationship and is looking to settle down.

Alrighty then. The guys I usually date are commitment-phobes of the highest order; and let’s face it – most of them were only interested in getting into my pants, they were hardly in it for the stimulating conversation.

So it is refreshing to meet a guy who is making an effort to get to know me better on a personal level.  We see each other every second evening, standing in either the parking lot or at my garden gate [he hasn’t yet made it to my patio] , enjoying lengthy conversations. Other than that, we keep in touch on Whatsapp.

And how do I feel about him … well since you ask, I’d say the best way I can describe it is a good friend, with a spark of hope. I’m certainly not doing cartwheels and somersaults; and if after our first date [I’ll get to that later] we decide that this isn’t going to develop into anything worthwhile, I wouldn’t be broken-hearted.

I just don’t have any expectations and am not planning further ahead than our first date; which has been set for the 29th of March 2014 and since I was permitted to chose the venue, I chose my favourite restaurant which is also conveniently two blocks away from us.

Speaking of the date, it will also be the one year anniversary of my singledom. Not to mention a year to the day of the awful incident. I made myself a promise that I would stay single for a year … and well, I will have done so.  I can only hope that this date will bring better memories than the previous year.

So far, so good.