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11:17: Liam: Hi there 🙂 … Finally got you as a contact…
11:17: Liam: Never thought it would happen

11:19: Harmony: Hahaha! Welcome 🙂
11:20: Harmony: … Better late than never …

[more chatting]

12:05: Liam: Aw did you wave and I didn’t wave back? I saw you when you went in didn’t see you wave … Anyways
12:06: Liam: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

12:07: Harmony: Yes … I gave a royal wave and you didn’t see
12:07: Harmony: Hiiiiiiii!

[more chatting]

15:14: Liam: Hahahahhaah yeah.. And you kind of short. I can remember when you asked me to call my mom… I didn’t recognize it was you at first

[more chatting whilst Liverpool (my team) thrashed Manchester United (his team)]

16:28: Harmony: Ok, not a word about soccer I have 5 brothers so I know how guys get

17:04: Liam: 5 bros
17:04: Liam: Wow I would never have guessed. (And now I am even more scared)

17:22: Harmony: Hahaha don’t be scared of my brothers … Be scared of me!

17:31: Liam: I am not scared of you according to my mother you too sweet … Inside info

17:33: Harmony: Hahaha! Dammit! I should’ve created a fake persona for your mother to instill a bit of fear in you …
3/16/2014 17:40: Harmony: And don’t believe everything your mom tells you …

[more chatting]

20:12: Harmony:  just how tall are you by the way?
20:14: Harmony: Either I was standing on the bottom step when you opened the door or you are pretty tall

20:18: Liam: I just parked now… Let’s see .. If you really want to know …
20:19: Liam: I am waiting outside for you. I want to say hi…

20:19: Harmony: Oh so that was you driving with loud music

20:19: Liam: Hahahahhahahaha always loud Drake

20:20: Harmony: Ok hang on …

20:21: Liam: Hahahaha I am walking towards your gate slooooowly