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20:52: Harmony: That was a lovely surprise …

20:53: Liam: Oooow no !!! I have to sit with my mother

20:54: Harmony: Are you being grilled?

20:59: Liam: No hhahahahahahahah … Don’t sleep … She wants to phone someone from my phone

21:00: Harmony: I’ll be awake …

21:14: Liam: I am here
21:14: Liam: Not totally… But I am here
21:21: Liam: But it was nice chatting to you…
21:22: Liam: I expected it was going to be good but not that good
21:22: Liam: I didn’t expect you to come out and say hi
21:22: Liam: But I guess if you didn’t now … Who could say when

21:24: Harmony: Exactly! And since you made the effort to FINALLY get in touch with me …
21:24: Harmony: I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to chat in person

21:26: Liam: Yeah… I was going to jump at the opportunity if I knew then what I knew now…

21:27: Harmony: Like I said earlier … Better late than never …
21:27: Harmony: And I can expand on that with … It was worth the wait

21:29: Liam: nice oh and it was worth it. I have no reason to deny that.
21:37: Liam: And thank you whatever made you decide to come out. Every action deserves a reaction. This theory was proven, I think the likelihood of us going out is now very high

21:38: Harmony: It was the loud music that sold me …
21:39: Harmony: Anyone that plays loud music, and good music at that; definitely piques my curiosity
21:39: Harmony: I think the likelihood is steadily  growing …

21:45: Liam: Oh its a likelihood …

21:45: Harmony: Imagine you’d been playing country music on your way in … You’d still be standing in the parking lot!

21:53: Liam: Hahhahahaahahahahahahhhhaahahahahhaahaahhhhhahahahahahahahahahaha
21:54: Liam: hahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahah be careful
21:54: Liam: there’s almost no genre I won’t give a try and country is far from that

21:56: Harmony: You’d be freezing your ass off thanks to Kenny Rogers …
21:57: Harmony: And I’ be saying, ja I’m coming out now … Meanwhile I’d be packing my bags and sneaking out the back door
22:00: Harmony: So Drake saved you … And gave you major points … He’s a great artist … And any fan of his is a friend of mine

22:01: Liam: Hahhahahahahahah “friendzoned”…

22:01: Harmony: Hahahaha! I didn’t mean it like that …  *backspace* *delete*

22:02: Liam: (Ps: I know she didn’t, we both totally open minded)
22:02: Liam: (I am super lighthearted about anything…)

[an hour spent chatting about our mutual love of music]

22:56: Liam: I think we both love music that’s a dead give away

22:57: Harmony: That much is VERY evident!

22:58: Liam: It would be a waste if we didn’t go out…for coffee I am all in now
22:58: Liam: Coffee being aaaaaanything

22:58: Harmony: Hahahaha!
22:58: Harmony: I was gonna say, I’m a coffee addict … I could have several cups

22:59: Liam: Yeah me too… We have a java room for … The nerds

22:59: Harmony: But let’s make it dinner … That’s longer than a few cups of coffee …

23:01: Liam: its a date than

23:03: Harmony: I gave up my ironing to rather chat with my neighbour …

23:03: Liam: Wonder who that is …
23:03: Liam: Hope it’s a girl

23:03: Harmony: I may be wearing wrinkled clothes tomorrow, but I’ll also be wearing a smile …
23:04: Harmony: No … Not a girl … Not at all …

23:04: Liam: (Bit jealous…1 confession)
23:04: Liam: Tee hee hee … If its a guy hope he likes drake…

23:04: Harmony: Oh he does, a lot!
23:05: Harmony: He’s got the most brilliant taste in music and has really made a good impression on me

23:06: Liam: Okay I am equally impressed … So much so she can choose the place and date and time

23:07: Harmony: Ooooh! Yay!
23:07: Harmony: I can’t believe that I was in bed at 8pm with plans for an early night …
23:07: Harmony: Hahaha! Look at the time!
23:08: Harmony: (Blame it on the full moon))

23:08: Liam: (Drake-thank me now)

23:09: Harmony: I’m gonna go read the lyrics before I sleep

23:10: Liam: Okay… But listen to the song pls
23:10: Liam: Pls
23:10: Liam: Pls
23:10: Liam: One of his best actually
23:10: Liam: I will send soon

23:10: Harmony: Well Liam, I must thank you for several unexpected and rather lovely surprises today
23:12: Harmony: I’m genuinely happy that you contacted me today

23:13: Liam: And I am awfully happy too
23:23: Liam: have a splendid rest okay and I hope you had your warm milk

23:25: Harmony: Good night and sweet dreams …