With Saturday nights festivities ending a relatively early, I was up with the sparrows on Sunday morning. I’m not ashamed to admit that I usually sleep until 10h00 on a weekend, however by 07h00 I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and decided to make the most of the recurring sunshine.

Still trying to catch up on my laundry from the previous wet weeks, I was shoving clothes into the washing machine, hanging them up to dry on the clothes horse in the garden and then folding them with a view to iron them in the evening. Between shifts, I moved the sleeper couch that holds position on the verandah, to the very edge of the patio, to catch as much sun as possible. I put on short shorts and a T-shirt of Angels, located The Last Boyfriend and my Clark Kent reading glasses; and then lay on the couch with the sun gently baking me.

Ah heaven! I can’t remember when last I was sun-kissed. [or any other kissed for that matter]

Angel’s father contacted me to say that he was catching a flight from Durban to attend her canoe practice with Scouts that afternoon and would return to Durban that evening. On Friday I had sent him a heavy laden guilt-trip message saying that he doesn’t make much time for his daughter and that he needs to start getting involved before she gets to the point where she no longer wants him around.

So I was very relieved that he was making an effort to put work on hold for several hours to spend time with his daughter. I went over to tell Mimi, as has been wanting to meet him, as they do similar work and can help each other with contacts *boring Government stuff* and told her that I would bring her over before he left for the quarry with madam.

She said that was fine, but that she was cancelling lunch, as she was so tired from the constant hubby drama; and the thought of rolling out roti’s for the hoard was just too much work for her.  I said not to worry, I would then join Angel’s dad, and we would have a family picnic.

I jumped in the Fiesty Fiesta driving around town to find the freshest garlic rolls, pastrami, red velvet cakes and other yummies [many which of course he couldn’t eat due to his diabetes – duh!]

Baby Daddy arrived on time – a first – and after a short chat with Mimi, we left to fetch Angel and Nina’s girls to head to the quarry.

The girls earned their swimming badges; which also included diving and various life-saving techniques. Poor Angel had to “save” a boy almost twice his size and as is required, he kept ducking her under water. Unable to grasp him around the chest, she eventually grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to safety. It was quite a sight and even the Master was impressed that she found a way.

When the girls left the water and headed out for a long walk for their bush trail, Baby Daddy and I had a good opportunity to chat and catch up.  We get on exceptionally well and have always had a good friendship, but lately all my communications have been moaning at him for his lack of attention to his daughter.

So to spend quality time with him, sans the usual nagging, was a real blessing. It was also lovely for Angel to see that her parents genuinely care for each other and are not forced to hold down a conversation.  in fact, we actually laughed ourselves silly at not only the activities we were watching, but also in reminiscing about the good old days.

Once the girls had completed their “work” for the day, they were permitted to canoe and swim and Baby Daddy was super impressed that his little girl could canoe like a pro. I think because I see her all the time, I possibly downplay her achievements, so to see them through fresh eyes added to my pride.

Just after 16h00 it started drizzling, so the canoes and sailboats were taken off the water and packed away, and we headed home. As Baby Daddy’s flight was not for a few hours, he bought take-aways for dinner and we all spend more family time together – eating, drinking and downloading a stack of movies and series from his hard drive.

But Baby Daddy’s appearance wasn’t the only reason that had me full of smiles on Sunday … not by a long shot!