irish girls

So let’s start with Friday, and work our way slowly to the culmination of a fabulous weekend!

On Friday afternoon I went to the nail salon for my three weekly fill.  My darling technician attempted to shorten my talons [these are my own nails – no false tips for me] and as is custom, her life was threatened.

I’m very insistent on the length of my nails – the longer the better – and if she wants to charge me an additional fee for the products she uses, then I’m happy to pay. But I will not shorten them! What part of NO does she not get?

French Manicure NailsAnyway, at least I left later that afternoon with my nails looking absolutely fabulous and the nail technie got to live another day.

I arrived home with plans of vegging on the couch in preparation of the festivities on Saturday night – however Angel has left her cellphone in my car and I had to drive to her friend’s house in order to drop it off before they departed to Rodizio’s for a Carnival Celebration for her friend’s birthday [after viewing the photos, I’m rather jealous!]

The rest of Friday evening was uneventful and being the good girl that I am [stop sniggering], I had an early night, lying in bed watching a few spell-bounding episodes of Revenge Season 3 on the lap top [talk about a cliff hanger at the end of episode 13! Jeez, I could learn a thing or two!]

I spent much of sunny Saturday morning doing laundry, as with the rainy weather we’ve been experiencing lately; we haven’t had any clean clothes for quite some time. During one of my outings to the clothes horse in the garden, I saw Mimi and Liam heading to his car.  She came over to the garden wall to chat to me, saying there were on their way to fetch Liam’s daughter and that I must come over later once I was dressed up as The World’s Cutest Leprechaun.

As requested, I went over to Mimi’s place in the late afternoon to show off the sexy outfit, since I was wearing her daughters dress! Whilst chatting, she invited me over for lunch the following day, saying that was going to make lamb curry and roti. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I don’t eat red meat and agreed to join the family for lunch once I had dropped Angel off at the quarry for canoe practice.

Liam’s daughter came in from outside and after whispering to Ouma that I hadn’t given her a kiss hello, plonked herself on my lap, staring at my badge and glittery hat. Liam chose that moment to walk down the stairs, and I’m not sure what he must’ve made of the sight of his daughter playing with my accessories as if we were old friends.  I assure you, I had no candy and I did not bribe the kid!

I chose that moment to excuse myself, and wait at home for Goddess’s imminent arrival to cart us off to The Irish Festival.

All I can say about the so-called Irish Festival is


I know it was held in Boksburg, but how you have an Afrikaans MC hosting an IRISH event, only the organisers will ever know.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the bar was very purely stocked, and if you didn’t drink Guiness [I guess they got one part of the Irish right] or Spin – you were out of luck.

Goddess and I didn’t bother staying; it’s bad enough we wasted our money getting in, we certainly weren’t going to waste any further of our precious time and so we headed into the casino in search of a decent restaurant to grab a bite to eat and quench our thirsts.

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria was our first point of call; however after discovering that they did not serve Storm, we left.  News Cafe almost had our business, but being concerned at it being very empty, we headed across to our good old faithful – Hooters.

Other than the fact that none of the waitresses deserve their jobs [let’s be honest, no-one goes to Hooters for their for good service]; the food was delicious, the Storm was divine and well, the service was good. If it weren’t for the excellent company of Goddess, the night would have been a complete write-off … so thank the gods for small [large] blessings!

All too soon it was Sunday. A day for which I held no expectations; and yet a day that delivered more exhilaration than I have experienced in years.