two women drinking

The Koeksisters were at it again last night, and this time there was alcohol involved.

Mimi has been very stressed this week; between dealing with [N]’s teenage  pregnancy and car accident; questioning her husbands fidelity; holding down a full-time job and still cooking and cleaning after a family of eight.

On Wednesday evening she had a family meeting to announce [N]’s pregnancy and this met with a huge showdown between her husband and her, with him blaming her for this event, saying she doesn’t control her daughter.

Never mind that he is at home all day whilst Mimi is working and when she returns home [N] is nowhere to be found and the husband hasn’t ascertained her whereabouts.

But what I have actually found out is that when [N] has visitors over, in the form of [B] and [S] and their crew, he chases them from the house as he doesn’t like having them there and therefore she leaves the complex with the girls; only returning later in the evening when [B] returns to fetch her brother [F] from my place.

I know, who can keep up, right?

I had a pretty crappy day yesterday myself. Angel’s Gemini ways are in full effect, exasperated by the onset of adolescence; and so we argue non-stop and can no longer enjoy a pleasant conversation. Everything I say is offensive / embarrassing / wrong / stupid / ignorant / dull / irritating. [I wasn’t like this as a teenager, was I???]

Thank the Gods she is doing well at school; in fact she is doing even better this year than in previous years with her marks rising in all subjects.  But still, the attitude, tongue-clicking and hand-waving has my frustration levels on red.

Star and I are still two ships passing in the night and the only reason I know he is around is the evidence of crumbs on the kitchen counter. I think he only uses the house as a base to eat, crap and shower; God only knows where he sleeps some nights – cos it certainly isn’t in his bed.

As for work. No words. I’ve used them all up on my demanding clients. Whilst I did get a sizable increase from Boss Lady, she had also promised me a mid-monthly bonus to cover my expenses, such as over time, petrol, cellphone usage etc … however when the money was deposited in my bank account on Tuesday night I was very distraught at the lack of digits.

I’m also tired of fighting for what I deserve in this company and have resigned myself to the fact that as long as I continue working here, BL will continue taking advantage of me. I can’t keep blaming her, because I do it, so the only way it will change is if I pull finger and do something about it.


So with both Mimi and I at our wits ends, I suggested to her yesterday that after feeding her brood, that she come over to my place and we have a couple of drinks together, complimented with a good bitching session.

I went to the bottle store after work and purchase three quarts of Storm and a six pack of Dragon Energy Drink and got a head start on Mimi when I arrived home.  Angel was making Pilchards [vomit] for dinner and so I make Star and I bacon and egg toasted sarmies and neither of us can stomach canned sardines. In fact, I am so nauseated by the smell that I had to burn incense in the house to prevent myself from gagging.

When both Angel and I in the tiny kitchen making our respective dinners, I was reminded of the idiom – too many cooks spoil the brother. However in this case it was a matter of too many cooks will lead one of them to drop her phone in a glass of Storm.

Yup, BB went swimming in a martini glass of vodka and caffeine. Seems the boost was just what she needed, as she is working faster and better than ever. Who’d have sunk thunk?

Close on 19h00 Angel and I went over to see how far along Mimi was; however she and Liam had only just arrived home. Angel stayed downstairs watching TV with the kids and I went upstairs with Mimi whilst she changed out of her work clothes and into someone more comfortable.

Yabber yabber yabber all the way.

Back in the kitchen I watched her make vetkoek, from scratch – no bought dough for her. Sifting and measuring and kneading. Way too much work for my likes; but I was super impressed with the delicious results. Weight loss be damned, they were too good to resist.

Finally we made our way to my place and the chilled Storms; leaving Angels with her daughter – so all were happy. And the more alcohol we drank – the happier we became. Whooo hooo! By the end of the evening all stress was forgotten and we had the vitality to make it through one more day of the week.

I also had several glimpses and glances at the illusive Liam who’d better hurry up and finish up with his IT exams because not only have I exercised the patience of Job awaiting his phone call; but I am attending a big event tomorrow and who knows whom I may meet as The Worlds Cutest Leprechaun [so says my badge, and Goddess will be the Irish Girl Everyone Loves]

St Patricks Day Badges

First come, first served. Pardon the pun.