The BBM was from Star, asking me to send a message to Mimi informing her that [B]’s car had been hit by a truck, and [N] was in the car.

I immediately sent a vague message to Mimi to first ascertain whether she was awake; and to let her know that I was quickly coming over. I didn’t feel the above news was something that should be communicated via Whatsapp.

However my message did not go through and I noted that she hadn’t been online for several hours, therefor supposed her phone must be off. I grabbed the first items of clothing from my closet [a red, pink and gold silk hippy skirt and a pink long-sleeved logo T-shirt]. Not bothered to waste time with putting on socks and boots, I merely slid my feet into red slip slops.

I went to Star’s room and asked him for more details on the accident. I didn’t want to go tell Mimi that her pregnant daughter had been in a car accident without being able to tell her whether she was injured or not; and if so, how severely.

[F] answered on his behalf, as he was communicating with his sister [B] on BBM at the time. I ascertained that there were no injuries but that the car was pretty bad and the girls were now stuck at McDonalds. I told [F] to inform his sister that I would go fetch them as soon as I had been to see [N]’s mother and advise her of the situation.

Unable to find my umbrella, I put Liam’s red jacket over me and rain through the pouring rain in ankle deep water to Mimi’s house.

I knocked lightly at the door, afraid of waking the younger kids; however with no answer I had no choice but to make use of the brass knocker and rather loudly announce my presence.

The door was open by Liam and with him standing in the foyer of the entrance hall, he was bathed in light thus providing me with the first opportunity to see him in all his glory. Alas there was no time to take in the sight, and after getting over my shock of finding him on the other side of the door I mumbled a wondering if his mother was still awake.

With a hint of a smile and in lieu of an answer, he turned and ran up the stairs. I walked into the house and closed the door behind me, awaiting Liam to announce my arrival to Mimi. Her husband was in the lounge and told me to go upstairs.

Which I did. Mimi was sitting on her bed on her phone [Liam was no-where in sight, having obviously retreated his own room] and she asked if I was there to tell her about the car accident, to which I confirmed I was.

Her phone had been charging upstairs whilst we were in the kitchen chatting earlier, and she only went up after feeding the family and having a shower. Climbing into bed she switched on her phone, to see a message from [N] alerting to the accident.

Mimi was naturally worried about her daughter, and angry as [N] shouldn’t have been out gallivanting in the first place.  Apparently she had been fetched by [B] at 14h00 in the afternoon and they’d been at the casino all this time. It was on their way home that the accident had occurred.

I told her not to stress, the girls were fine and I was going to fetch them and bring them home and assured her a lecture to all concerned would be the order of the day.

She offered to send one of the male members of her family, but I said I would have to go anyway as I am responsible for [B] and would also need to ascertain the damage to the car to report back to her father; not to mention I was taking [D] and [F] with me and therefore there wouldn’t be space in the car.

And so I was back on the road again, in the rain, in the middle of the night. Not at all impressed, but hardly about to leave the young girls stranded.  On the journey [F] said they there were now at the police station and no longer at McDonalds, and so I changed direction and headed to the cop shop.

[insert music from The Neverending Story]

Witnesses to the accident, conveniently several young guys; had helped the girls tie the bumper back on the Polo and get it back on road, following them to the police station to ensure they didn’t break down. From their recount of the accident, a truck coming off the highway sideswiped [B], taking off the passenger side mirror [where [N] was seated] and the bumper.  There was some damage to the passenger door too as it was unable to open.

Once the [B] and the witnesses had completed their statements, I told [N] to get in my car and I sent Star with [B] and [F] as they had to return to my place to fetch [F]’s bags before heading north to their own place.

I delivered [N] to the door of her house, but didn’t go in as it was definitely family time and not my place to intrude further.  I did however receive a profusely grateful message from Mimi just after 03h00 this morning for helping out with the situation and chatting to [N].