women in kitchen

What a night. I didn’t get into bed before midnight and even then the adrenaline rushing through my body preventing me getting any shut eye before 02h00.

I was expecting a late night, as I worked late at the office and then had to chair and minute an AGM in the hoity toity neighbouring suburb, with directors who are afraid of breaking a nail should they lift a piece of paper and pen.

I was absolute thrilled when the meeting concluded thirty minutes earlier than anticipated and so I messaged Mimi asking if it was convenient for me to come past and pick up a green dress of [N]s to try on for my St Paddy Day Parade with Goddess.

And yes, I was hoping for sneak peak at Liam as I haven’t had a good chance to check him out properly and best I do so before he finally invites me out on our first illusive date!

Mimi answered the door on my arrival and ushered me into the warmth of her home. I joined her upstairs to scratch through [N] cupboards to find the outfit she had previous worn for an alcohol promotion.

Mimi was agitated as [N] wasn’t home when she arrived back from work and she didn’t know where she was and she wasn’t answering her cell phone.

With the sexy outfit in hand, together with a pretty back-up chiffon dress; we went downstairs as I prepared to head home to an empty house. Star was with another friend in the complex; and as I was working late, Angel was staying over at Nina.

I never quite made it out the kitchen though. Mimi and I started chatting, and like two long-lost koeksisters at a family reunion, we jabbered away for a good two hours whilst she prepared and cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen.

We got on like the proverbial house on fire and never ran out of things to discuss. From work to kids, to men to families – we regaled each other with stories of the past and hopes for the future.

Whilst cackling over some anecdote about my brothers [she’s the only girl with six brother; and I have five – so we can relate to each others childhoods] … who should come down the stairs and enter our domain …

Like a deer caught in headlights, he froze upon seeing me in his kitchen so cosy to his mother, quickly grabbed whatever he had come down to fetch; and with a shaky hi and bye, ran back up the stairs.

Needless to say, this had Mimi and I in hysterics once again. She couldn’t believe how shy he is, saying that whilst he is naturally a reserved guy; he is exceptionally bashful when in my presence, or even talking about me. I just think it’s really sweet as I am used to men not hesitating to jump my bones at the first opportunity, so this is quite refreshing.

After a few hours I thought it prudent that I leave Mimi to feed her now very hungry family and return home for a much needed hot bath.  After dishing me up a large bowl of the delicious dinner I’d watched her create, she walked me to the front door. We were greeted by a downpour so hard, I couldn’t even see my own house. Mimi went back inside to fetch one of Liam’s jackets to keep me warm and dry for my walk home. *smile*

I was not impressed to find [F] at the house, as Star knows that whilst he can have visitors during my working hours, when I return home I do not want to find his friends there.  Star rolled his eyes in the direction of [F] and mouthed that [B] still hadn’t come to fetch her brother and so we were stuck with him. Argh.

I greedily gobbled up the breyani on my arrival home, not even sitting down to enjoy it. After washing the bowl I went to run my bubble bath and then tried on the green dresses whilst I waited for the bath to full. [I’m going with the short, tight promotional dress, with a thick black belt to hide the booze logo].

Once the bathroom was sufficiently steamed, I slid into the water feeling my bones begin to defrost and the muscles relax. Heaven! Just what I needed after a very long day.

About half an hour in I heard my phone pinging. Concerned at the late hour that messages were coming in, I reluctantly climbed out the bath to retrieve my BB.

I almost dropped the phone in the bath after reading the unexpected heart stopping message …